3 REASONS WHY You Should be using live chat
Start The Conversation And Create A Personal Connection

Users can now discreetly interact with your business by chatting with a Live Chat agent when they might not want their conversation to be overheard by colleagues or others nearby.
Virtually Extend Office Hours to 24/7

Live Chat agents cover all time zones, seven days of the week so your office is always open! Potential customers can chat with our agents when your office is closed and you can follow up with them when your office re-opens.
Increase Return On Your Marketing Investment

Boost enquiries for your services by 30% from by capturing more of your website traffic. By having a Live Chat agent always available, any initial questions a user might have can be answered right away!


Start selling instantly by chatting to your customers that are online and browsing your website right now.

  • Live Chat works 24 hours a day, capturing leads outside of office hours.
  • You only pay for the chats that are deemed valuable by YOU.
  • All chats, billable and non-billable, are captured on an easy to read platform for you to view at any time.


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You Are Never Closed For Business With Our 24hr Live Chat Service

We understand that the hours of the day in which customers search for your product or service may not match your opening hours. People are busy; they are likely to be doing this research during the evenings and on weekends which is why we are now offering Outsource Live Chat Support. This service isn’t labour or resource intensive. We deal with the conversations and funnel through the leads to your office.

Want to know the best bit? You only pay for valuable leads to the business – it doesn’t cost you a penny to actually have the chat box on your site.  It also helps improve your conversion rate. A good landing page should convert at around 5% but we have seen through Outsource Live Chat, we can achieve around 9%. This means that Live Chat is also a cost effective method of improving the conversion rate of your website.


The quality and quantity of the leads we have received through Smooth Live Chat has been unrivalled. From an initial investment of just £2,700, we have generated over £20,000 worth of revenue from the Live Chat Leads we have received.

Jonathan RhodesMarketing Manager

Great company to work with. We have seen real increases in both customer and recruitment enquiries since using 'live chat'.

Kate BarryDirector

Since adopting the Live Chat application from Smooth Digital, we have been able to offer a more direct and immediate communication option to our customers, their families and potential employees, allowing them to engage with us at anytime, 24/7.

Ian InglisDirector

Ambika Yoga has been working with Smooth Digital since April 2018 and they have been nothing other than helpful, professional and efficient. We have already seen our website enquires increase in just one month and now added the Live Chat to our website, which we are excited to see grow our business leads further.

Alexa Kho-HinksonFounder & Senior Specialist

The customer service from Smooth Digital has been great. Using their live-chat system has resulted in increased customer and employee engagement meaning a better offering and business growth for our organisation. Thank you to Tobi and the team.

George MorrisDirector

Since Working With SmoothDigital & Incorporating Live Chat, We Have Doubled Our Website Enquires Which Has Contributed To A 35% Increase In Website Sales!

Bobby PawarDirector

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"The quality and quantity of the leads 
we have received through Smooth Live Chat has been unrivalled. 
From an initial investment of just £2,700, we have generated over 
£20,000 worth of revenue from the Live Chat Leads we have received."
Jonathan Rhodes,  Marketing Manager