If you are currently running advertisements that link through to a specific landing page: input these four tips and see the impact on how effectively your landing page converts.

These tips are all free, quick and easy to implement.

1)  Remove the ability for users to navigate

It’s natural to want to create a landing page that has a banner allowing users to scroll through all your different services as this is what we are used to seeing when we visit websites.

Remember: Landing Pages are different from your website.Drive Conversions By Removing Other Options

Landing Pages serve as a ‘one stop shop’ for the user to find out more about a specific service you offer.

If a user reaches this page, this user is only interested in this specific service. You want to keep them on this page and remove the need to keep searching.

When you remove the ability for users to navigate away from the page, they are left with two choices: convert (make a purchase/subscribe/submit a form/make a phone call) or leave. Limiting the ability to navigate dramatically increases your chances of converting this user. Read more about how to set up your landing page for success, here.

2) Landing page speed

The loading speed of your site is vital, specifically when it comes to mobile. The rise of mobile has dramatically overtaken desktop when it comes to search so you have to pay just as much attention to your mobile site –if not more.

Is My Website Fast Enough?The majority of mobile users will abandon a site if the loading speed was slower than 3 seconds on a good 3G network. Simply put: a slow landing page = less opportunities to convert.

Three free ways to improve the speed of your landing page:

  • Reduce the file sizes on your website – this can be as simple as reducing font sizes
  • Alter the loading order of your site; instead of having everything load at once, prioritise anything that appears above the fold. (portions of a webpage that are visible without further scrolling)
  • Go through all of your service requests and make sure they are all beneficial e.g. Are you running too many analytics tools?

One method we’ll quickly mention is to change your web host to a dedicated host. This will be the most effective way of improving speed. However, this will most likely have a cost.

3) Have A Clear USP Throughout The Page

What the user wants to see is your USP at the top of the page, in the headline. This has to be something that is valuable, something that really does set you aside from the competition. This must be competitive so put some time into researching your competitors and see what their USP factors are and if possible, create a more competitive offering.

We often see landing pages that highlight their USP just once on the landing page -normally in the headline.

We want you to include your USP throughout the page. What we would recommend is having your USP first appear in the headline, then, again, halfway down the page. Finally, display your USP one more time at the bottom of the page.

4) One Call To Action

You want to create the most efficient and smooth user flow for someone searching for your service to becoming a customer.

A significant part of this is having one conversion goal on your page –or one call to action. If you need help to determine what this should be for you, simply ask yourself:

What is the purpose of the page?

What is the one action I want users to take who land on it?

Whatever the answer to these questions may be, use them to develop your CTA. Some companies opt for a form submission, whilst others are looking for the user to sign up for a newsletter subscription. It doesn’t matter; just make sure you only have one!

After following these simple steps, your business will have a high performing Landing Page.

For those of you who are actively seeing to grow your company, then you do not have to stop here. I would recommend you read our Aggressive Growth Blueprint below in which having a high performing Landing Page is just one piece of the puzzle.