Does your Care Home or Home Care business have a blog? If not, check this blog out, first, to learn why you need one.

Now that you have decided to add some great blogs to your care business’s website, you might be wondering ‘where to begin?’

Here are a few ideas for you to get the ball rolling:

Where To Start: 4 Things You Should Consider When Choosing A (Care Home/Home Care Agency) For A Loved One
    • The Type of Care You Need
      • Companion? Respite? Nursing?
    • Where The Care Should Be
      • Will the person requiring care need to be closer to family in a different location?
    • Payment: Who & How?
      • How will the care be funded, and by whom?
    • Ratings:
      • What they mean and why they’re important.
How To Decide What Type Of Care Is Right For You Or Your Loved One

When people are beginning their search, they might not know what type of care is needed. They might need some guidance with the varying levels of services you offer. Create a guide asking questions like ‘Can your loved one dress themselves?’ ‘Does the person requiring care need help bathing?’ ‘Do they require assistance with walking?’

yes noProviding insight into types of care needed based on the answers to these yes/no questions could help the person looking for care to get a better idea of what is going to be required.

Everything You Need To Know About Respite Care

Break down what respite care is and provide information to help the person needing respite care decide the best option for their loved one.

Five Questions You Should Ask A Care Providerinterview
        1. CQC Rating?
        2. Will my loved one have a regular carer designated to them?
        3. What type of training & background checks do the carers go through?
        4. What is your procedure in the case of a medical emergency?
        5. What are your quality assurance procedures?
What Is The Difference Between A Care Home & A Live-In Carer Service

Depending on your care business:

‘Deciding to have a live-in carer means the person requiring care gets to stay at home where they are most comfortable.’


‘It can be difficult to move a loved one into a nursing home. Making this choice allows you to know that they will be taken care of 24/7 with the facilities required to take care of all of their needs.

Writing these blogs in your own brand’s voice will allow you to communicate directly with potential customers while providing helpful, useful information. 

Blogging is only a small part of your overall digital marketing strategy for your care home or home care business. Book in time with us for a free marketing strategy session, here