When you make the decision to outsource your care business marketing, there are a few things to consider to make sure you are partnering with the right agency.

As the UK’s Leading Care Sector Marketing Agency, we want to advise you five major things to consider if you decide to outsource your care home or home care business marketing:

1) Industry knowledge:

Does this agency have a full understanding of the care industry?

The agency should know your ideal customer, typically the sons and daughters who are looking for care.

Also, they need to know how people looking for care search and most importantly, their behaviours.

They should know how to attract potential carers to help grow your team. 

Ensure they know the different types of services you offer.

The need to understand the value of the services you provide. (e.g. hourly care visits, respite care, companion care, live in care, etc.)

2) How will you know where your money is actually going? 

Ensure you are able to see your campaign performance and not just the metrics the marketing agency wants you to see.

Do they have a reporting suite where you can see your campaign’s performance?

How often will you have campaign updates?

What will be discussed at these meetings and how available are they outside of these meeting times if you have questions or concerns?

3) Accreditation:
  • Are they a Bing partner?bing partnerGoogle Partner
  • Are they a Google partner?
  • What accreditations do they hold?
4) Case Studies:

Do they have examples of other successes they have had with other care companies?

5) Plan:Outsourcing Care Business Marketing

You want the campaign to deliver you leads, not just clicks to your site that don’t amount to valuable customers. How will they accomplish this goal? You should know how the marketing agency plans to accomplish your goals. 

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