As recruitment is an ongoing necessity in the care industry, we have a few tips to streamline care recruitment to make the process more efficient for you and your team. 

Simple Job Applications

Care Assistant positions require skill and applicants should be a special type of person who is flexible and full of compassion. This being said, there is no reason why an application to be a care assistant should resemble a neurophysicist’s application.

Nor should a potential care assistant have to navigate through several pages to complete the application. By simplifying the application, you will encourage more applicants which can greatly improve your chances of finding the right candidates. 

Live chat

We have mentioned how adding live chat to your website can improve engagement. This does not only apply to customers. When potential carers are on your website out of office hours, they can chat with a live chat agent and start the conversation. During this conversation, the live chat agents can get the contact details for your team to seamlessly follow up with during your normal office hours. 

Incorporate Texting/Whatsapp

When a potential carer reaches out to you, don’t be afraid of a text or WhatsApp as a way to communicate! Think of who you are looking for in a candidate. If they are a carer already, they might be on their way to an appointment and unable to take a phone call or dedicate time to reading and responding to an email. Adding a text or WhatsApp can improve your chances of getting in touch with potential carers and arranging an interview. Read more about why you should add texting to your plan, here

Follow Ups 

You don’t need a fancy CRM if you don’t have the resources, just yet. Record your follow ups in a central location in a shared document that the recruitment team has access to, like a Google Sheet.

Here, you can keep a record of applicants and how many times they were followed up with, and how. Ensure to follow up with multiple times in different ways! Learn why you should follow up in different ways in this helpful blog


Have you heard of Calendly? This free tool can change the game by calendarremoving the back and forth of trying to pick a time for an interview. You can send the candidate a link which will be synced to your calendar. Here, the potential carer can book in an interview time that best works with their schedule.

Using these top tips can help you to streamline your care recruitment process & focus more on other important things… like growing your business. To set up a call for more expert insight on how we can help you with care business growth, book in a strategy call with us, here