Having worked with many care home and home care businesses, on creating a customised landing page, we have found that these 7 simple and easy changes can really boost the level conversions you are receiving and ultimately double the conversion rate.

1) It’s All About Your USP

USP above the foldYou only have eight seconds to grab a visitor’s attention before they click off your site. So, on your landing page, you have to hit them with a super punchy USP that they can see, straight away, without scrolling (the headline). This will buy you some more time. Your USP needs to be big and bold and as concise as possible but still informative. You can go into a bit more detail further down the page.

2) Your Page Should Only Have 1 Conversion Goal

Your conversion goal is ultimately the purpose of the landing page. What one action do you want people who reach this landing page to take? It could be to fill in a form submission, sign up for a newsletter or even just to make an enquiry, etc. Whatever you decide on, create a call to action (CTA) that supports this.One Call To Action

We highly recommend that the first CTA should appear in the top right-hand corner of the page, in big bold colours. If your landing page allows users to scroll, you must make sure a CTA is visible at all times. This means having multiple CTAs throughout the page.


3) The Content Must Match The Ad

If a user clicks on an ad that is highlighting a particular offer or service you provide, make sure this is the first thing they can see when they reach your landing page.

Search Ad Should Match PagePut yourself in the user’s shoes. Suppose you are looking for a local gym. You click on an advert because the gym is offering ‘no sign-up fee’  but when you get through to their page, you can’t see the offer. Instead, you have come to a page which is trying to encourage you to buy the gym’s clothing.

What would you do? Most likely, you will leave the page. That’s what your user will do, too. Make sure you are consistent with your ad-to-page message!

4) Remove The Ability To Navigate

The aim of your landing page is to encourage visitors to perform one specific action, not to provide them with the opportunity to explore all your offerings. So, remove the navigation bar from the top of the page to keep the user focused on this specific service. Removing the ability to navigate means users have only two choices when they visit your landing page, convert or leave.

5) The Speed Of Your Site

Slow landing pages are directly correlated with high bounce rates. Don’t worry if your site is on the slow side as there are some simple things you can do to improve the speed without splashing lots of money on a new one.

  • Reduce all your file sizes: larger file = slow loading speed
  • Alter the loading order of your site. Instead of loading all elements simultaneously, prioritise anything that appears above the fold.
  • Go through all the service requests and make sure they are all necessary.
    • e.g. are you running too many analytics tools?
  • Finally, a more pricey option, but worth it, change your web host. Having a dedicated host will improve your speed dramatically.

6) Only Ask For The Information You Need

When it comes to a form submission on your customised landing page, we strongly recommend you limit the number of fields – only ask for information which you actually need in order to follow up the enquiry.

Do you really require their full address? Users can feel uneasy giving away too much personal information before speaking to someone personally, especially with GDPR and recent major events involving personal data.

7) Highlight The Benefits Of Your Offering

So, you have grabbed their attention with a great USP in the headline, now below you need to hit them with the benefits of your offering. A good tip is to write these from the position of a customer to keep in your mind ‘what will this do for me’.Website layout example

Bad example: Our new bulbs last longer than competitor’s

Good example: The life expectancy of our bulbs means you will only have to buy one a year.

Have 3 – 5 benefits clearly presented, maybe even bullet-pointed for easy readability. Below each benefit, you can provide a bit more information to showcase your offerings.

These 7 steps are simple to implement on your landing page to ultimately double your conversion rate however, this is just one piece of the puzzle.

To discover what the remaining 5 pieces are, read our Agreesive Growth Blueprint below and once implemented, will guarantee your business achieves aggressive growth.