We have uncovered the number one reason established businesses are struggling to grow… and it isn’t as complicated as you might think! Over the past 10 years of working and consulting with a range of business owners, we have been able to tap into the struggles that businesses are facing when pursuing growth and a commonly recurring theme is ‘confusion’ or ‘lack of clarity’ on finding the right digital marketing plan to engage their audience.

Most businesses have desires to grow, but we are finding that in most cases ‘desire’ is as far as a lot of business owners reach when it comes to growth.

We are not trying to trivialise the difficulty of growing a business. We have been there ourselves. When everyone is offering you different advice, different products and services to choose from, it’s incredibly difficult to come out of it all with a clear head.

After looking into this problem and speaking more with these businesses, we discovered the common theme was that these businesses had NO CLEAR SYSTEM FOR GROWTH that they could follow.

All successful businesses rely on a clear strategy, which is made up of lots of different small systems, that allows them to achieve an overall goal.

Let’s take an airport, for example: can you imagine the sort of chaos that would break loose if they operated without a clear strategy in place? They rely on systems to ensure planes take off, land, are cleaned, serviced and much more. Without these systems, planes would crash all the time!

This chaos is exactly what is happening in the business world; companies are operating without a system for growth and, so, are crashing and burning left, right & centre.

This very reason is why we decided to put a digital marketing plan together; to do something about it. It’s called the AGGRESSIVE GROWTH BLUEPRINT.

This system is built from an accumulation of over 10 years of learns from over 100 different clients.

The AGGRESSIVE GROWTH BLUEPRINT is a jargon-free, 6 step system in which, when followed (to the tee), has seen businesses increase their annual revenues anywhere between 50-100%.

At the end of this blog, you will be able to download our Blueprint. Here, you can fill in all of your activities so you can really see which areas of your business are creating the most waste and what effect reducing this waste will have on your bottom line.

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STAGE 1: Set Up A High Converting Landing Page

The main purpose of your marketing activity is to generate enquiries; predominantly through your website. This activity is where our strategy starts.

One of the misconceptions about landing pages is that they need to look amazing. However, to achieve conversions, it’s imperative that your landing page is not just appealing to the eye but is operating with the purpose of generating enquiries.

What we find, is that a lot of website designers are incredibly artistic and will happily create you a website/landing page that looks stunning.

Arguably, there is nothing wrong with an aesthetically appealing website. The issue arises when the emphasis is placed on appearance rather than functionality.

We have six points that we urge you to include on your landing page. These points have dramatically improved the ‘visits to enquiries ratio’ that our customers’ websites are achieving.

State your USP above the fold

When a user comes to your site, you need to hit them with your companies USP straight away and above the fold. The ‘fold’ just basically refers to anything a user can see without scrolling down through your landing page.

USP Above The Fold

3 benefits of your service

This section should be written from the point of view of the user and the benefits they will receive from choosing your service above competitors. We have found that the format in which these stand out the most is if you have 3 small images/icons, with the titles of the benefits and a small piece of text (highlighted in below).


Website Layout Comparison

Remove the ability to navigate and replace with a clear CTA

When someone lands on your landing page, you want to remove any options for them to navigate away from the page as this discourages conversions. Conversions typically would include a user calling your business or filling in a contact form. We recommend removing the navigation bar completely from your landing page. This way, users who come to your page have two options – convert or leave. You can then insert a really compelling call to action (CTA) in the top right-hand corner of the page.

The content must match the ad

When you create an advert on Google to increase the number of people coming to your site, the content on the landing page must match what is written in the advert. For example, if in the ad you are highlighting a specific offer, this must be the first thing a user sees when they land on the page. If not, the user’s experience will be tainted with friction and lead to a high leave, or ‘bounce’, rate.

PPC Ad Should Match Your Page

PPC Ad Should Match Your Page

Build trust and credibility through customer reviews and recognisable governing bodies

If a user can actually that other people have used your service and have had a good experience, then, they are much more likely to want to use you. We completely understand that making reviews public may leave you susceptible to negative criticism but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  No matter how perfect your service, there are always people who will manage to find something wrong with it and users know this. As long as the majority of your reviews are positive, having the odd negative review won’t hurt. It is also important how you deal with a bad review. You MUST acknowledge all reviews (good or bad)

Also, if in your industry, you are registered with a recognisable governing body or have any specific accreditation, you should definitely include these on your landing page as well to help build trust.

Five Star Review Example

Ensure your contact details are clearly visible

You want to make it as easy as possible for the user to make contact with you. This means having your contact details clearly visible at all times. Firstly, feature your phone number at the top right-hand corner of the landing page. Then if your page allows the user to scroll, make sure you repeat the number at the bottom of the page as well.

As you set-up your high performing landing page, take a look at the list below and ensure you have actioned each:

  • Place USP above the fold
  • Include 3 benefits of your service
  • Remove or reduce the ability to navigate away from your page
  • Match the content on your landing page to your ads
  • Build trust by including customer reviews /accreditation logos
  • Ensure contact details are clearly visible

Once these alterations have been made, you now have a solid foundation to begin building your aggressive growth strategy.
Download The Aggressive Growth Blueprint Now!



A standard landing page converts at around 3%, so with the additional changes you have made, you now have a great landing page that will convert at a higher rate.

Let’s say, your page is now converting at 5%. This means if a 100 people come to your site, 95 of them are still leaving without taking a specific action.

This is still a large amount of waste that you can afford to reduce.

It is very important that you understand some of the potential reasons why the remaining 95% are just not engaging with you.

3 Reasons Users Don't Convert

  1. If you think about the typical person who would be searching for your service, do they have a job themselves? If so, they may quickly be searching whilst they are at work. Let’s say they find your website but as they are at work, they can’t simply call you as it may draw attention to the fact that they are doing personal activities at work. They might make a mental note to revisit your website at a later date, or not return altogether.
  2.  The content on your site may not answer specific questions the user may have in mind. This might not be your fault. The answers may be there, but the user just can’t be bothered to search for them so they exit your page.
  3. People are busy. They don’t always have the time to be searching for your service during your office hours. In fact, what we have found with our customers, is that the majority of searching actually occurs in the evenings and on weekends.

By adding a 24hr Live Chat service to your site, you are able to eradicate the above issues as:

  • Users can now discreetly chat at work and don’t have to pick up the phone
  • They no longer have to search for answers themselves, they can just speak to a live chat agent
  • 24hr live chat means it doesn’t matter what time during the day or night, during the week or on the weekends, users are searching for your service, they will still receive the same level of instant gratification

Live chat has been proven to increase the conversion rate by 40%, so instantly (and Live Chat is pretty much an instant response) you have a landing page that converts at an even higher rate!

Live Chat Example


The first two steps of this digital marketing plan are very focused on a reactive method to improve your return on investment. Let’s move on now to a proactive method of actually generating more relevant users to your website.

Download The Aggressive Growth Blueprint Now!


What we are going to be referring to here is a mixture of paid search (Google Adwords & Bing Ads).

For this section, we are going to assume that you are either doing PPC yourself or are using an agency. If this isn’t something you are currently doing, we would strongly recommend looking into this as part of your digital marketing plan for your business.

If you are using an agency, feel free to relay this information onto them as we want to ensure your campaigns are being optimised in such a way that will provide you with the most amount of enquiries.

If you are running your digital campaigns in-house, there are

Three main things that we want you to focus on:
  • Wastage Clicks
  • Quality Score
  • Converting Keywords

Start with wastage clicks:

Let’s say for example you are a private hospital and you are looking to run a knee surgery campaign as this is a very profitable area of the business. If you bid on terms such as ‘Knee surgery benefits,’ you are likely to attract the type of person who is just doing research and has no real intention of ‘converting’ and booking a knee surgery appointment.

Whereas, if you only bid on terms that are really relevant such as ‘Knee Surgery appointment’ you are more likely to attract the type of people who will convert!

Google Search ExampleGoogle Search Example

‘Quality score’ is another thing you must be aware of.

Basically, Google rewards adverts which have a high ‘quality score’ by showing their advert more prominently for a smaller budget.

There are many ways in which you can improve the quality score of your adverts including:

  • Ad relevance (i.e. how relevant your advert is to what the user has searched for)
  • Landing page performance
  • Your click-through rate (the percentage which users reach your page by clicking on your ad)

Finally, you need to do some research into converting keywords.

This basically refers to which keywords users have typed in that have led to a call or form submission (a conversion). In short, the opposite of wasted clicks.

Download The Aggressive Growth Blueprint Now!



You are now in a great position. You have a high performing Landing page and Live Chat is helping capture any leads that- for whatever reason don’t convert. Through highly targeted traffic, you are receiving some fantastic enquiries.

It’s impossible to create a perfectly efficient, profitable marketing strategy that produces zero waste. So even after all your hard work, there will still be people who come onto your site and for whatever reason left without even a hello!

This is frustrating no doubt, but it also provides a fantastic opportunity. These people have come onto your site for a reason and you know, as previously mentioned in stage 3, that because of your targeted traffic, they are the type of person you are looking to get in front of.

Do not give them the opportunity to forget about your service!

So, before we discuss remarketing, this is what your digital marketing plan looks like so far:

Digital Marketing Plan

Targeted traffic has been driven to your website using PPC (Pay Per Click), the user then has the option to engage using one of the three: phone calls, filling in a website forms, or engage using Live Chat.

Next, we are going to introduce Remarketing to your digital marketing plan:

Digital Marketing Model With Remarketing

This method works as a net to help capture those who have previously slipped through the funnel and can help to plug any inefficiencies in your digital marketing plan.

Depending on the services you offer, it’s highly likely that there will be some consideration from the user involved.

So, whilst the user is in this consideration phase for perhaps 2 days or 2 weeks; they are being reminded of your company whilst they surf the world wide web.
Download The Aggressive Growth Blueprint Now!



The first 4 elements of this digital marketing plan, if implemented as we recommend, will achieve growth for your company.

However, this growth will be very short lived if you ignore the final stage of the Aggressive Growth Blueprint – Monitor and Optimise.

Only by putting great emphasis on this stage, will you be able to achieve sustainable growth.

The Smooth Analytics platform allows you to track all enquiries (calls, emails & live chat leads) from your advertising. As a bare minimum, ensure you have Google Analytics enabled to track email enquiries from your website.

The diagram below is a fantastic example of how you can monitor and optimise each stage of the business cycle. This shows how making a few alterations and improvements will make a massive difference.

Digital Marketing Spend Example

Both the tables above are exactly the same – with only one tiny alteration – the number of visits to a website which turn into leads or enquiries.

Forget everything else for a minute and let’s focus on this detail.

If you focus all of your energy on increasing the chances of visitors to your site actively engaging and making an enquiry; look at the difference that this focus will make to the level of revenue generated. This increase is only from 2% to 4% – you should be aiming for more!

It’s a great practice to keep note of all your figures so you can really compare and contrast what your digital marketing plan strategies are working and which ones are not. Remember, just because one method has worked well for you in the past, doesn’t necessarily mean it will work well for the future. You need to be constantly adapting your approach!


The final stage.

So, let us just quickly recap:

  • You now have a high performing landing page.
  • Live Chat is active and working to capture and dwindling users
  • You are driving targeted traffic to your landing page
  • You are Remarketing to any lost leads (ensuring waste is kept to a minimal)
  • You are continuously optimising your current campaign

At this point, you are in an amazing position to open the floodgates and increase your digital spend to match your businesses capacity to take on new customers.

Each business is different and can only take on a certain number of new customers at one time. So, what we recommend is to go back to point 3 (Drive targeted traffic) and slowly increase the spend until you are comfortable with the level of enquiries coming through.

As you will be targeting a greater number of people, your remarketing budgeting will have to increase at the same rate to ensure waste levels do not increase (remember: we are big on keeping waste to a minimal).

From here, the campaign will need to be further optimised to ensure the new spend is going to keywords which are generating the highest return!

By implementing this digital marketing plan, you will have a well-oiled ‘aggressive growth machine’ that we guarantee will drive the growth of your business.


Download The Aggressive Growth Blueprint Now!