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5 Behaviours of Underperforming Care Providers: Recruitment

Posted on | Posted in Care Recruitment, Blog

Over the past 7 years of helping care providers with their recruitment campaigns, the team at Smooth Digital have seen the same patterns in the behaviour of the business that tend to underperform.



1.Poor communication with current employees


When it comes to converting leads it is imperative it is done in a timely manner. Not emphasising the importance of the first phone call to the team, can result in the person moving on to search elsewhere. It can also give a bad impression – especially if the hire is from outside of the sector. If you want people to prioritise your role, you must also prioritise them.



2. Not selling your business to prospective hires


With the thousands of care vacancies in the sector, not communicating clearly why someone should work at your organisation rather than the one down the road is a huge mistake. Interviews are an opportunity to share why you are different, what benefits and packages you offer, and why working specifically for you is so great. The initial phone call with a candidate is the first look at the world of care, so if the representative they’re talking to is not positive or engaged, their view of the sector and business they’re applying for will reflect this.



3. Not tracking statistics


To improve your search, you need to know what is working well and what isn’t. For example, what sources are generating most leads, and how many leads are they successfully converting from application to interviews? Another problem faced by hiring care providers can be if people are actually showing up to the first interview. For more information on how to deal with this, take a read of our blog ‘Top 4 Tips to Avoid No Shows To Interviews in the Care Sector’.



4. Ignoring opportunities for growth


More often than not, your own employees, past and present, will have the best insight into how your business could function better for its staff. Not listening to your team and using the feedback to improve your employment offer and environment is a huge missed opportunity. If there are negative reviews or comments, especially in exit interviews, collate the data and act on it.



5. Failing to follow up


Possibly the biggest issue preventing care providers from having successful hiring campaigns. A lot of providers have very high expectations for leads, but fail to follow them up when they get them. This is mainly due to not securing the time for adequate following up, and not prioritising the leads coming in.


Investing in digital marketing for your care business is a crucial resource in grabbing prospective hires and worker’s attention, and tackling the cost of living crisis. For more information on how digital marketing can help you recruit more care workers, achieve full occupancy, or increase those private hours,  download our free eBooks from our resources page, email us on , or call or email our team today!

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