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5 Things You Can Include In Your Newsletter As A Care Business

Posted on | Posted in General, Care Home Marketing, Home Care Marketing, Social Media, Blog

Email marketing is a great way to share your care business’ message, connect with your current and potential clients. But, it can be hard to keep coming up with fresh, interesting newsletter content each day, week, or month.

Plus, after working hard to grow your email list, it can be disappointing and frustrating when your subscribers aren’t interacting with the emails you are sending.

With these email marketing content ideas, you can keep your newsletter content strategy exciting and your subscribers will love seeing your new messages in their inboxes.

1. Getting to know us

A great thing to share on your newsletter is a little behind the scenes of your business so that your subscribers (current and potential clients) can get to know you and your USPs a little better. This personal touch may make them more willing to invest in you as a business, choose you over a competitor or perhaps if they are a current client, it may encourage them to recommend you to others.

This is a great opportunity to show members of staff, show the faces behind the brand, which may also indirectly help with recruiting new staff!

2. Case Studies and Testimonials

Including case studies and testimonials within your newsletters will act as social proof for your business.

In fact, social proof statistics show that 92% of people will trust a recommendation from a peer and 70% of people will trust a recommendation from someone they don’t even know.

Remember, both staff and clients should be giving you either written or (even better) video testimonials. They are a huge part of the decision making process for pretty much anyone paying for anything nowadays. It makes people feel comforted that someone else had a good experience and makes them think that they are likely to share that experience if they choose your care business over another. 

These will also serve as a great tool for recruiting more staff.

3. Frequently Asked Questions

Answering frequently asked questions within your newsletter will be both informative and engaging. You can even debunk common myths/misconceptions when it comes to care homes or home care. 

This will allow you to give your current and potential clients an insight into the sector and more importantly you will come across as credible and trustworthy which is vital. You may also want to think about sharing facts and statistics from within the sector, these posts are eye catching and very engaging.

4. Industry News

Instead of only sharing news about your care business within your newsletter, consider sharing news about the care sector in general.

It is an exciting sector that is constantly evolving and changing and both your potential and current clients will want to know what is going on, especially as a lot of it will affect the care they or their loved ones are receiving. This would have been extremely relevant during the Covid19 pandemic for example.

You can find fun and interesting ways of visually sharing the latest sector trends or news to keep subscribers informed and up-to-date.

5. How-To Guides

Another great type of content for your newsletter may be sharing a How-To. For example, this could be a guide in the form of an eBook, blog post or even PDF that can help those looking for care for themselves or their loved ones figure out which option of care would suit them best.

With how-to guides, you can solve the biggest pain points of your target audience and easily demonstrate the value of your care business.

With these 5 newsletter ideas to keep subscribers engaged, your newsletter content strategy won’t bore your subscribers. Instead, they’ll always be interested in your messages and eagerly awaiting your next email!

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