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6 Behaviours of High performing Care Providers: Occupancy and Private Hours

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Smooth Digital has many years experience as a multi-award winning digital marketing agency operating within the care sector. We have worked with clients facing all the difficulties the care industry has to throw at them, and we noticed some significant patterns emerge of high performing care providers in sales and marketing.



1.Clear USPs


They are very clear on what their USPs (Unique selling points) are. USPs are what makes your business stand out from all your competitors. Successful care providers often identify these and use them to really sell how they differ from their local competition to prospective clients.

 In a similar process, they also take the time to really understand who their target market and ideal customers are, so they can tailor their USP and selling experience to the right people, maximising their results.


2.Following up


A swift and efficient follow-up protocol when it comes to prospective clients makes a world of difference when it comes to converting leads to paying customers. Ensuring there is specific time allocated to following up with enquiries, in addition to emphasising the importance to your staff. It is crucial to understand when you get a call from someone asking about your services, the value of the phone ringing is worth ‘X’ amount a year.


3.Managing budget and expectations


Even the most successful campaigns require some time after the initial investment. Allocating an adequate budget and having realistic expectations for how long it will take to achieve the ROI (return on investment). 

The ratio of budget to ROI is also something the care providers with successful marketing campaigns often consider. Although not everyone has a huge budget at hand, something to bear in mind is generally the more you invest, the higher your potential return can be.


4.They track their progress


They’re very big on tracking – they track everything, and they understand what’s working and not working well. Any areas of underperformance they come across from their tracked data, they actively work on to improve. To monitor their progress, they often set KPIs (key permanence indicators, often tangible goals), and regularly check in to see how they’re performing against them.


5. They strive for excellence


They are obsessed with working towards the best version of their business. In terms of their online and social presence, in their customer service, and their whole customer journey. They prioritise putting the time into those areas. They continue to think of improving.


6.They have the right people in the right seats


Assessing and playing to their employee’s individual strengths is a common habit of successful care providers. They have learnt how to place staff with the right people mindset and an understanding of how it’s important for the business to handle prospective clients on the phone dealing with the leads.  They have someone over-looking marketing who has an understanding of digital marketing technology, and how it’s essential in today’s climate.

Using your workforce to the maximum advantage you can is a huge factor in building an effective and efficient care business.

Digital marketing is a fantastic way to optimise your search, and attract the leads that will help fill those beds and boost those hours. For more information on how digital marketing can help your care providing business achieve success, download our FREE eBooks The Care Home Growth Blueprint or The Home Care Growth eBook . To find out more you can also call or email our team today!

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