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7 Questions to Ask When Choosing a PPC agency

Posted on | Posted in Google Ads, Bing Ads

The world of digital marketing can be a very confusing place, which makes choosing a PPC agency a tough task. It can often be difficult to differentiate between genuine experts and people who just “talk the talk”.

How do you know that the agency will have your companies best interests at heart, and get the best bang for your buck with your PPC Campaigns?

We’ve put together 7 questions you should ask a PPC agency before choosing them.

1. Are they a Google Partner or Bing Partner?

The benefits of working with a Google/Bing Partner agency are unrivalled. Google and Bing Partners are well versed in all things PPC and have to achieve certifications to meet each platform’s standards to maintain Partner status. They also get a leg up on the competition with access to beta features. This means that if Google or Bing has a new feature, Partners can test it for up to a year before the general public has access.

This isn’t a deal breaker, but choosing a PPC agency that is an official Google Partner or Bing Partner can make your decision easier. You’ll know that they have some experience, knowledge, and follow the standard best practices.

Google Partner logo over working environment background


2. Do they know the care niche?

If a PPC agency has experience running campaigns within the care industry, they have a wealth of information that will speed up the optimisation process. They will know which high converting keywords to use, what negatives to add and what ad copy works best for you.

In fact, they will also know what unique platforms and strategies work for care. Take our blog about Bing as an example, the platform wouldn’t work in some sectors but it’s user demographic matches perfectly with the sons and daughters searching for care.


3. What is the process?

You want to choose a PPC agency that will get to know your individual business needs, struggles and goals. Every care business is unique, even if they are in the same vertical.


4. How do they measure success?

Ideal Response: Tangible benchmarks; improving cost per click, ad positions, click through rate; reducing excess spend and cost per conversion; ability to track both keywords and ads; monitors bounce rate and conversion rate of keywords & landing pages.


5. What type of management is included with their management fee?

How much time the agency allocates to optimising your campaigns is crucial. Any agency can throw money at Google and get results, but the best thing for your bottom line is an agency that will spend time in the depths of your account optimising your campaign.

Employees having a team meeting


6. How do they report results?

Not all offerings are created equally. You want to know if your PPC agency will offer full reporting with their services as this allows you to understand what results actually mean. Make sure to find out if reporting is included or an additional fee!


7. How and where are you seeing your overall data?

Being able to see your data, even on ‘read only’ allows for visibility and transparency over the performance of your campaigns. When choosing a PPC agency you haven’t worked with before you’ll want to have peace of mind. A great PPC Agency will give you access to their analytics platform so you can see a breakdown of all your channels data.

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