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Building Back Occupancy – Care Home Professional Interview

Posted on | Posted in General, Care Home Marketing, Blog

Having pursued a successful career in marketing, Tobi developed a passion for care after working his way up to running the Health Care Division of a global advertising company. 

“It was here that I really doubled down on online marketing and became an expert in marketing in the healthcare space,” Tobi told CHP. 

“I worked very closely with some of the largest health care providers and brands in the country, gaining a deep understanding of their unique challenges and helping to promote growth of the organisations with tailored digital marketing strategies.”

Having a passion for entrepreneurship, Tobi then set up Smooth Digital initially as a multiservice marketing agency in 2016.

The ever increasing demands of serving a wide-ranging client base in different industries, however, led Tobi to decide it was time to specialise. 

“If I was going to take Smooth from a very good agency to a great agency, we had to start to specialise,” Tobi said… 

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