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Giving Your Social Care Staff the Recognition they Deserve

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In tough times and a competitive job market, showing your staff that you recognise and appreciate their hard work can prove to be massively beneficial to your organisation. When it comes to retaining your workforce, lack of recognition is a key component in a high staff turnover. Don’t forget, even a thank you goes a long way!


Bring the conversation to the top

Acknowledging the benefits of employee recognition is the first start to making the change throughout your organisation. You may need to move things around to allow for a little more time dedicated to your carers. Demonstrating the importance of good morale among workers e.g through examples and case studies, throughout your organisation is imperative.


Celebrate the small things

As much as a shout out at the annual Christmas party can feel nice, recognition throughout the year for smaller milestones can really boost your employee morale. Celebrating work anniversaries, birthdays, and everyday achievements in the workplace cost nothing, but will make your staff feel valued.


Give a little 

As the phrase goes, if you give a little, you can get a lot. Rewarding your staff doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. You can gift your staff a box of chocolates, a cup of coffee, or a small gift voucher as a thank you for their hard work and achievements.


Embrace the social

There are a couple of ways you can use technology to give your shout outs. Using social media to give a shout out can be a great way to let both your employee and the rest of the world know you are proud of your staff and their achievements.

Alternatively, for a more private recognition, there are systems you can use for anyone in your organisation to send a shout out directly to other employees. This not only helps boost your employee, but adds to the relationships between your staff, helping them support each other.


Investing in digital marketing for your care business is a crucial resource in grabbing prospective hires and worker’s attention, and tackling the cost of living crisis. For more information on how digital marketing can help you recruit more care workers, achieve full occupancy, or increase those private hours,  download our free eBooks from our resources page, email us on , or call or email our team today!

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