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How To Use PPC To Attract and Recruit Caregiver Candidates

Posted on | Posted in General, Care Home Marketing, Home Care Marketing, Paid Ads, Blog

PPC stands for pay per click, which is a digital marketing format in which the advertiser is charged only when someone clicks on an ad.

You can run PPC campaigns on all kinds of platforms, Google and Bing (sometimes called paid search or Google ads), display ads on websites, social media, etc. You can also run PPC ads in different formats, search, banner, video, static, dynamic, carousel. Whatever your preferred style, there’s a way to build a PPC campaign that way.

If you’d like to find out more about hiring a PPC agency in particular (as opposed to doing it yourself) we have a blog you may find helpful, ‘7 Questions to Ask When Choosing a PPC Agency’.

PPC is a low-risk way for you to target recruitment marketing campaigns toward caregivers. It’s also an efficient way to A/B test messaging, headlines, copy, images, ad formats, and see what works best and what attracts the most attention so that you can do more of it.

In fact, many of your competitors will already be using PPC campaigns to attract caregivers. This is because paid search campaigns are a great way to attract active job seekers and passive job seekers. These are caregivers searching for things like ‘home care jobs near me’.

While many searching these terms are actively looking for jobs, some may simply be trying to see who is hiring, how much they’re paying, and what kind of roles are available, see if anything piques their interest.

So what’s important is knowing some of the different ways you can reach people that are actively seeking caregiving roles using PPC:

Related search terms

Firstly, you can use related search terms. As we mentioned previously, search engines are the obvious place to run pay-per-click campaigns, but choosing just the right keywords is what can give you the competitive edge.

A standard caregiver recruiting campaign would mean bidding on keywords like ‘caregiver jobs near me’. However, make sure you are not neglecting keywords like ‘entry level jobs near me’, ‘where to find a job fast in Essex’, ‘how to choose a career’ or ‘tips for providing good care at home’.

This is an ideal way to target job seekers that might not have considered caregiving, as well as people who may have experience caring for a loved one and who may want to do it for a living if given the opportunity.

Negative-intent search terms

A search term with positive intent is something like the example above, however we must not neglect negative intent. This will be things like ‘what to do if I don’t like my current job’.

Negative-intent search terms are a great place to find professionals looking for new career opportunities. Of course you want to tread lightly, you don’t want to be opportunistic, but you want to be helpful to those people who may be looking for a new start.

Social media

This is already a very popular and growing place for recruitment marketing. Social recruiting on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter, is especially ideal for engaging with and attracting young caregivers

And if you’re new to social, the data you get from social PPC campaigns can really help you refine your recruitment strategy and your employer branding strategy.

It of course helps if you have up and running social media platforms and are posting regular content as this will help those candidates you are trying to attract, learn a little more about you and your care business.

If you are new to social media and are struggling with what to post, this blog post of ours may be helpful ‘10 Engaging Instagram Posts Care Providers Can Put Out NOW’.

PPC display

Caregiver agencies can reach candidates across websites using PPC display ads. This means you can get your company in front of caregivers on job boards like Indeed and on other sites that indicate they’re looking for a new job.

Depending on the type of PPC program you run, you may also be able to collect data on people who engage with your ads. This means you can feed that data back into your future campaigns to make them stronger, more targeted, and more efficient.

Competing for caregiver candidates is a reality now more than ever as recruiting is so tough within the sector, and it does require a different approach, you need to be using many different channels and be recruiting constantly instead of only when you need to if you want a shot at being successful.

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