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Smooth Digital’s Top 10 Care Marketing Tips

Posted on | Posted in General, Care Home Marketing, Home Care Marketing, Paid Ads

1. Have a website that is informative and fit for purpose

A website is a priority investment for any care business. It is the backbone of your online presence: any form of communication and advertisement online or offline will drive clients to your website, so it is essential for digital marketing campaigns. It also helps your clients understand what your brand represents, what your USP is and what types of care services you offer. That said, not all websites are created equal, so here are a few tips for a user friendly website that is more likely get you conversions:

  1. Focus less on aesthetics and more on functionality. Whilst it is important that your website is branded and aesthetically pleasing, it should also be clear, concise and easy to navigate, as well as both desktop and mobile friendly. 
  2. Spend time making sure your website has a quick loading time. This will not only help with SEO but also with conversions as people will return to the search results page in seconds if your website does not load quickly enough. You can check out this blog on how to improve the speed of your website and why speed matters.
  3. Provide as much value as possible on your homepage/landing page. There are things users are expecting to see when they land on your site, for example, location, your CQC rating, what your USP is and things that build trust. These can be testimonials, videos and images, accreditations you have acquired over the years etc. For more tips on landing pages you can read our e-book ‘The 10 Landing Page Commandments’ or we have a ton of blogs on different website tips.
  4. It is vital to have clear calls to action, for instance “Download our brochure” or “Call us to arrange a virtual tour”. These clearly signpost to the user what they should do next and inspire them to take specific actions. Additional lead triggers can include having a Live chat widget available that a visitor can interact with. Click here to see why we think Live Chat makes a big difference in care marketing. 

Having a website that is functional, informative and has clear calls to action will ensure higher conversion rates, better SEO and help you determine if a visitor is a good fit for the service you are providing.

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