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The 3 Key Times To Hire For Your Care Business

Posted on | Posted in General, Care Home Marketing, Home Care Marketing, Care Recruitment, Paid Ads, Blog

Recruiting staff in the care industry can be a great challenge. Securing the right workforce forms the solid foundation upon which a successful care business is built.

Recruitment is constantly evolving and so it’s essential for any business to keep on top of these changes. This is even more crucial for care providers, whose organisations rely on quality hires to provide the standard of care they promise to customers.

When it comes to attaining those quality hires there are two really important things to strive for: Quality of the leads, and quantity.

The perfect quantity of leads is a balance between having enough to ensure there is a number of quality candidates to choose from, and not having too many so that you are overwhelmed.

But when is the best time to look for new hires? With working smarter and more efficiently in mind, here are the best months to recruit within the care sector:


1. January

In the spirit of New Year’s resolutions, January is the most popular time of the year for people making significant changes to their lives. After some downtime to reflect during the  holiday season, reassessing career paths and professional development is the first thing on many people’s minds. The UK sees a substantial rise in applicants during the first month of the year, and also a significant increase in registrations for tools such as recruitment companies and job search websites. The candidates applying tend to be well qualified as many are applying out of interest in professional growth more than necessity.

Within the care sector February and March are amongst the busiest months for respite care, so hiring in January is a great idea to ensure you have adequate staff for the coming months.

Additionally, passive candidates ( people who work but are not actively job searching), make up around 75% of the workforce, and it is during this time that they are most active and therefore more likely to be open to a new position if it’s right for them.


2. April.

With the end of the tax year, April brings about fresh budgets for businesses which means new roles, new recruitment campaigns, and a spike in the job market. This in turn brings an influx of candidates, with lots of fresh opportunities to consider. Even if your company doesn’t operate on the same financial timeline, you can still take advantage of the growth in recruitment.

Of course, the market will be more competitive with the increase in roles available, but this is no reason to shy away. With the right strategy, and a campaign that works for your business, this is a great time to find the perfect candidate for you.


 3. September

Much like in January, September is often when people have returned from their holidays and had time to reflect, to think about the year coming to an end, and what they’d like to do to make it count. With another 3 months until Christmas, this is their time to get sorted before the holiday season kicks in and a new year comes around.

Since recruitment becomes slower in the summer and Christmas months, with personal and other business priorities taking over, the hiring in this section of the year tends to spike in September. Similar to April, this increase also inspires job seekers to start looking, as a busier market is a more attractive one.

The Autumn months are also a popular time for care homes and respite care providers, so September is a great time for securing the workforce that is best for your needs.


The key to finding the best candidates for you is setting the right strategy for your hiring campaign from the beginning. Using digital marketing, you can optimise your search, and achieve the results you want. For more information on how digital marketing can help you recruit more care workers, download our eBook on Recruiting Care Staff Made Easy, or call or email our team today!

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