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Top 4 Tips to Avoid No Shows To Interviews in the Care Sector

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With recruitment already a pressing issue in the care sector, no show interviews  are not uncommon. While it may feel like this issue is out of your hands to solve, there are a few ways you can help prevent it. Follow our tips below to help your care business decrease no shows, and increase recruitment.


1.Maintaining a regular social media presence


According to studies from 2018-2021, 76% of sector candidates checked a company’s social media before deciding to interview with them. Comparing this to the industry average of 43%, it’s imperative for care businesses to present a reliable brand image across their social media platforms.


2. Choose the right person to call


Having your caller be somebody who sells the position can make a huge difference to decreasing no shows. A staff member with a sales background, or the ability to really promote the position, your company, and its benefits is an ideal candidate to call prospective hires.


3. Follow up communication


Confirming your hiring journey each step of the way is helpful both to you and the candidate. Send a follow up email immediately after your phone call, and a confirmation text as a reminder before your in person interview.


4. Schedule sooner rather than later

In the current job market, waiting more than 2 days for a follow up interview, significantly increases the chances of a candidate accepting another position. Keep the excitement and the communication fresh by scheduling your interview soon after the initial phone call.


Not getting that far? No shows can’t be your problem if you aren’t getting those initial leads. Digital marketing is a fantastic way to optimise your search, and attract the leads that will help hit those recruitment targets. For more information on how digital marketing can help you recruit more care workers, download our eBook on Recruiting Care Staff Made Easy, or call or email our team today!

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