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4 Ways To Make Care Home Virtual Viewings Effective

Posted on | Posted in General, Care Home Marketing

During the pandemic, care homes and nursing homes have been trying to adapt and come up with solutions to show off their facilities to prospective clients, without risking the safety of residents, staff and visitors.

Virtual viewings have been a lifeline for care providers and, even though they don’t quite have the same impact as an in-person visit, they mean that people looking for care for their loved ones do not have to put their search on hold.

They are a powerful tool and your care home should be making the most of them. They can be a useful way of facilitating the prospect journey and it may give you an advantage over local competitors, as it is likely that a client will be drawn more towards a home that offers a virtual viewing against one that does not.

However, if you are going to offer a virtual viewing, there are some things you should consider, to make it as valuable as possible for your client.

Here are 4 Ways you can make your virtual viewings effective:

1. Have an organised plan of the tour

Having an organised plan of the route you will take, what you will show and who you will introduce the client to (staff wise) is paramount. You need to make sure the tour is cohesive and has a good flow. You do not want to be rushing around a lot or visiting rooms more than once unless requested by the client. It needs to be an experience which shows the atmosphere of your home and it’ll be extremely helpful to have a good itinerary in place, not just for the physical tour but for the content of what you will discuss also. 

2. Functionality needs to be a priority

Things like wi-fi quality, lighting and showing your space well using flattering angles really make the world of difference. These things help the client feel like they are right there with you and create a seamless experience. You should also try to use an iPad/tablet if possible instead of a phone, as they tend to be better quality and it’s always easier to manoeuvre a bigger screen. It would also help to schedule the viewing during a time you know there is likely to be less background noise, as well as make sure that the microphone and camera on your device work well. 

3. Tell your story and make your USP clear

As you would when doing a physical tour of the home, you need to make sure your client knows exactly what it is that makes you and your home unique and above all better than local competitors. Try to emulate the in-person experience you would be providing as much as possible through the screen.

4. Secure dedicated time to answer questions and clearly offer next steps  

It’s important to make sure you dedicate some time to answering the client’s questions and clearly offer them next steps, this will move them along the prospect journey as smoothly as possible. The client should come off that call knowing exactly how to proceed. 

The great thing about virtual viewings is that they are extremely convenient, so they will be something you could potentially offer for many years to come. They allow those looking for care to experience your home from the comfort of their own. 

Unlike in-person visits, virtual tours and viewings are a quicker way of getting a feel for a care home, meaning potential clients don’t have to book time out of their day to attend a visit, making it incredibly time and cost effective for them.

They also give both families who live far away and your loved one that needs care, (particularly during the pandemic), the opportunity to be involved in the decision making process of choosing a home.

If you find that your staff are too busy and it becomes tricky to keep organising live virtual viewings, or you have not received consent from your residents to film, a great thing you can do is upload the footage to your website. It will be reassuring and helpful for the client to have access to a video walk through of your home. This will also allow you to have more control over what you show and perhaps collate footage from different days when it is less busy.

If you’d like more leads which will convert into virtual viewings or more information on how to utilise Digital Marketing within your care business, call or email our team today!

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