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Why Care Home & Home Care Businesses Need Landing Pages

Posted on | Posted in Care Home Marketing, Home Care Marketing, Landing Pages, Blog

There are always terms and buzz words floating around that you have a vague idea of what the concept means but might not have the full picture. We’re going to break down what and why your care home or domiciliary care business should be using landing pages as part of your marketing plan.

Think of your business as a novel. Your website has different chapters that tell the story of your business. Now, think of your landing page as the cover of your book. This is your only chance to entice the reader to want to learn more and read your story.

So to be simple, a website is a collection of pages related to the multiple facets of your business:

  • services you offer
  • current customer resources
  • staff resources
  • etc.

As a care home, your website probably has different pages relating to your grounds and facilities, food and nutrition, events and activities, and some information about your team.

As a domiciliary care company, your website most likely consists of pages related to the different types of services your team offers such as respite care, live in care and information about how carers can join your team.

When users reach your website, there might (and should!) be calls to action placed around your various pages encouraging calls and emails. However, websites offer lots of information and encourage users to navigate from page to page to learn more about your business.

A landing page is a little more precise in focus.

Think of this page as a mini sales pitch or snapshot into your business. This is your chance to sell your business and differentiate yourself from the competitors.  A landing page is a single page for you to drive traffic to and is designed with the goal of resulting in an enquiry for your care services.

To summarise and break it down simply: Landing pages have one goal: get that phone ringing.

Now that you know what a landing page is, you need to know what turns a landing page into a lead magnet. You’re in luck, download our eBook: The 10 Landing Page Commandments to set up your page for success.

If you are a care business owner and want to know how to best use landing pages to attract self-funded clients to your business, book in time with us. Sign Up Here!

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