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Why Testimonials Are The Key To Higher Conversion Rates

Posted on | Posted in General, Care Home Marketing, Home Care Marketing

An important thing to note, before we start is that testimonials are not reviews. Reviews are unpredictable, they can be good or bad, and can come from anyone. Whereas testimonials should come from your best clients and they should be specifically cherry-picked to highlight all the great things your business does.

Testimonials are an essential part of building your home care or care home business. They add legitimacy and also help build trust and credibility, which is important when marketing your care business. Potential clients may rely on these to make an informed decision about who can best take care of their loved ones. 

Testimonials are the seal of approval that many potential clients will be looking for and need in order to be converted, as many (rightly so) have over time grown weary of relying on marketing alone, with no other proof that your business is credible. 

There are also a couple of other reasons why accumulating lots of testimonials will lead to higher conversion rates for your care business…

  1. Testimonials help add valuable content to your site, especially your home page. Users will be glad to see these, because they will likely be an essential part of their decision making process, especially when it is a decision as big as who can provide the best care for their loved ones. Your user will see these as confirmation that you can supply the service they’re looking for and that you can do it better than your competitors.
  2. Testimonials improve web traffic and SEO. Search engines want their customers to find the best results for their queries, meaning testimonials are favoured within search engines.
  3. Testimonials are among the most effective methods for generating an emotional appeal. They allow potential clients to relate to scenarios being described within the testimonials. The storytelling aspect helps create a sort of implicit egotism which is a big tendency we all have as humans: to unconsciously gravitate towards choices made by people who we can relate to, who are like us. Potential clients are much more likely to trust other clients, more so than marketing materials from the brand itself.

If you aren’t already making good use of testimonials or even gathering them in the first place, you must start. As mentioned previously, the best place for these is on your home page, however you can also make good use of them on social media, on your newsletters, brochures, you can even have a dedicated testimonials page.

Use testimonials liberally across all your digital and offline marketing materials. They are vital for conversions and help paint a more authentic picture of the reality of your business. Testimonials will improve your brand’s authority whilst making a positive first impression on those searching for care. This will give you a big advantage as people are likely more inclined to choose care for themselves or their loved one from you if they see glowing praise from others.

It is also important to remember that you should of course use testimonials alongside other marketing methods such as PPC, social media, email marketing etc. Check out this blog post for some care digital marketing tips to get you started!

If you would like more information on how to utilise Digital Marketing within your care business, check out our blogs, e-books, or call or email our team today!

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