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Why You Should Advertise Your Care Business On Bing

Posted on | Posted in Paid Ads, Bing Ads, Blog

For the last decade, Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) has comfortably dominated the paid search engine market, with the majority of people favouring Google as their chosen search engine. Bing has historically operated in Google’s shadow but we are going to explain how this is all changing and why you should advertise on Bing.

Bing Advertising has the potential to wield a far greater return on investment than Google Ads.

We aren’t suggesting dropping your Google Ad campaigns – quite the opposite. You should be incorporating Bing into your overall care home marketing or home care marketing plan.

Bing has been very innovative in its attempts to grow market share.

For example, did you know that Bing is the default search engine for all Windows devices? This means Amazon Echo users, Siri, Xbox users, Cortana searches and all Windows mobile users will be making their searches on Bing. “Hey, Alexa, which care home has the highest CQC rating in Surrey?”

Now, could their recent success be partially down to the fact that users aren’t actually aware that they are using Bing when they are making these searches? Maybe. But even if this is the case, does that really matter? All you should care about is how many users are actually searching through Bing and how this can improve your care business’s bottom line.

Recent figures highlighted by Bing show they currently have a 24.5% market share in the paid for advertising market. 

Perhaps more significant still, Bing’s main demographic is users who are aged between 45 and 64; most common between 55-64. This is the age range of your potential customers who are looking for care homes or a few weekly home care visits for their loved one.

If nothing else, advertising on Bing is worth investing in because the average cost per click (CPC) is cheaper on Bing than it is on Google. With Bing, you are able to bid on more competitive keywords and have your ads on the first page for less expense. We suggest having campaigns running in addition to your Google campaign which further improves your visibility.

As Bing grows so will your exposure.

It’s undeniable that a large number of care companies use some form of Google advertising. With so many care home and home care companies on Google, this means more competitive bidding. However, Bing is a relatively new phenomenon and far fewer care businesses are advertising on Bing. This means that you are able to get a competitive edge and the sooner you make this addition to your care home marketing or home care marketing plan, the better. 

Driving traffic to your website is vital in order to attract new customers. However, this approach (taken in isolation) can lead to a large amount a waste – meaning you could be throwing money away.

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