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Why You Shouldn’t Pause Your PPC Campaigns Over The Christmas Period

Posted on | Posted in General, Paid Ads, Google Ads, Bing Ads, Blog

Are you thinking about pausing your PPC campaigns over the Christmas period? With December here and Christmas around the corner, it’s definitely tempting to wind down for the Christmas period and put everything on pause until the new year. 

And while pausing your ad campaigns might have some short term gains (a few savings), when you dig a little deeper, you’ll realise this is counter-intuitive and overall a pretty bad idea.

Here’s why:

People still search for care and use Google over Christmas

While you and your business may have some time off over the Christmas period, so will your potential clients. Data shows that search volumes over this period increase. 

Plus, remember that many will see their families and extended family over Christmas, so they may take that opportunity of being together to have conversations regarding care for a loved one in the new year.  

If your ads are still running and you are ranking high in the search results, it gives people searching an opportunity to find your business and you can gain valuable leads from this. Especially if you have Live Chat on your website. You can read more about Boosting Care Leads With Live Chat by downloading our eBook here.

You will have an empty sales pipeline

Over the Christmas period, although personally it may be a great opportunity for you and your team to switch off a while, it’s a great time to think about the year ahead. You can use the search volume over Christmas to build a pipeline of work for when you return. 

The last thing you want is to come back to work in January to an empty inbox and no voicemails from people enquiring about care for their loved ones.

Just make sure that the landing page you are sending potential clients to, has a clear message stating that you may be a little more unresponsive during the Christmas period but that someone will get back to their query as soon as possible.

Ad Words is less competitive over Christmas

Google Ads is an auction-based system, meaning that the more competitive your auction, the more expensive your clicks will be. The great thing about continuing your PPC campaigns over Christmas is that your competition probably won’t, meaning your cost per click will likely drop and you will rank higher in the search results. Not to mention that having a good AdRank puts you in a strong position with regards to your history with Google which is always a good thing.

It will be harder to regain your ranking and your AdRank may suffer

If you pause your ads over Christmas while your competition runs theirs, you will struggle when you come back in the new year and try to regain your previous position, let alone improve on it. You will likely end up having to spend more time and money to regain your old position which can take months, depending on how competitive your keywords are.

We hope this blog has given you lots of food for thought if you were contemplating pausing your PPC campaigns over the holiday period. 

However, we do understand that you may not be entirely convinced or you may not want to keep your ads running at a full budget. In which case, a great compromise is to perhaps reduce your budget. You will still receive impressions, and most importantly be keeping Google’s algorithm busy (they will see you are still active and will continue to show your ads).

Just because you want to wind down over Christmas for a little while doesn’t mean your ads have to!

Trust us, it’ll be worth it in the long run.

If you would like more information on how to utilise Digital Marketing within your care business, take a look at our blogs, e-books, or call or email our team today!

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