All Online Shopping Isn’t Created Equal… 

Learn how Smooth Live Chat can increase the ROI on your overall care marketing plan and help capture those leads which are on he cusp.

live chat for online shoppingWhen you’re looking for new shoes online, it is usually a simple transaction. You find a pair that fit your wants & needs, you put them in your shopping cart, and you complete the purchase. However, not all online shopping is this simple.

On the contrary, when looking for a care home or home care provider for a loved one, there is much more to be considered. In most cases, this is a highly thought out search, and often other individuals are involved in the final choice. This can be a daunting process as there are many variables to take into account when making this type of decision. You need to make sure that your care home marketing or home care marketing plan takes these variables into consideration as your potential clients compare their options.

Phone calls can sometimes be too much, too soonperson thinking - calls might be too soon

Especially in the early stages of this type of search, a phone call might be too much too soon. Making a call might be overwhelming to a person who is just starting to consider their many, many options.

We have a tool that can ease the anxiety of that first call by softly engaging with potential clients, in an easy, low-stress manner. By adding Smooth Live Chat to your care home marketing or home care marketing plan, you can open the door to communication, build trust and put the potential customer at ease.

Communicate with the user on their terms

smooth live chat messaging How does this work? Smooth live chat is a comfortable and convenient way to engage with potential customers who aren’t quite ready to dial your number. When the chat has begun, the live chat agents will collect the visitor’s details and capture the reason for their visit to your website. Once the chat has been completed, your office will receive the lead’s contact details as well as the entire chat, so you can seamlessly follow up.

Still unsure?

If you’re still not convinced about the need for this service as part of your care home marketing or home care marketing plan, a recent study showed that consumers are up to 63% more likely to return to websites that offer live chat. Since your service is most likely not a ‘one stop shop’ and potential customers will most likely visit your website a few times, you need to add this to your site to outperform your competitors.

With our cost per lead model, what do you really have to lose… besides the possibility of reaching potential customers?

Developing your care marketing plan by adding  Smooth Live Chat will maximise marketing investments and increase your inbound leads.

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