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Care Home Paid Ads

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Pay-Per-Click Campaigns Designed for Care Homes

With so much online noise from the thousands of care homes across the UK, and the independent listing sites that rank well but don’t tell users anywhere near enough, you need a way to cut through and be seen.

It’s not so much about “beating the competition” as it is about making sure the right people are finding you at the right time. There are future residents that your home won’t be suitable for, and there are those for whom you’re the perfect fit – targeted paid ads (also known as Pay-Per-Click or PPC) are the way we get you in front of the latter. It’s become a cornerstone of care home marketing strategies, and an essential tool for filling nursing and care home beds.

Types of PPC Advertising

Paid ads in search engines operate under a pay-per-click model. In the simplest terms, you don’t pay for the ad, you just pay a certain amount of money every time someone clicks on it – and the more you’re willing to pay, the more likely it is that your ad will be seen. 

Paid search ads can be highly targeted based on a huge range of factors from a user’s identity and behaviour. Ads can be targeted at people searching for your care home’s specialisms, based on how close they are to you, for example.

Google Ads for Care Homes

Everyone wants to be at the top of Google – Google Ads (formerly known as Adwords) is just one way of getting there. Faster than organic SEO and highly targeted at specific users, terms, locations and times, it’s a really useful way to attract customers almost instantly.

Because Google is so popular, and Ads are so widely used, it’s important to have someone who knows what they’re doing managing your account. And we think that’s us – we’re the leading provider of Google Ads for nursing homes and care homes. We’ll get to know you and the challenges facing your home, and we’ll deliver a tailored Google Ads strategy to deal with them.

Microsoft Advertising for Care Homes

Microsoft Advertising was originally known as Bing Ads, named for the search engine that powered it. We all know that Bing isn’t the most popular search engine – but it keeps hold of second place to Google’s first with almost 21% of the market share in the UK. A user base that’s not to be ignored, for sure.

Particularly when you keep in mind that research generally shows people using Bing are, on average, older than Google users – in the right age brackets to either be caring for elderly relatives or young adult children. For care homes looking to reach people searching for a bed for a loved one, it’s a valuable resource that can be much more cost-effective than Google Ads.

Display Advertising

Display ads are text, banner or video ads that appear on third-party sites – everything from a niche industry publication to the Guardian. While the common perception is that display ads are on the annoying side, they do get results – and they can be carefully targeted to appear on platforms where we know your potential leads are going to be spending their time. We can help you craft the perfect messaging, and make sure you appear where you need to.

YouTube Advertising

You might not think of it this way, but YouTube is actually the second most popular search engine in the world, after Google. And while people may not necessarily be searching for something so explicit as a tutorial on choosing a care home for their loved ones, there is a huge potential audience making search enquiries that you can tap into. YouTube ads present an excellent opportunity to capture users’ attention.

Track and Monitor the Results Yourself

Our unique, user-friendly platform enables you to view your campaigns in detail and listen back to calls generated, 24 hours a day. Tracking where your money is being spent, and how well it is being spent has never been easier – it’s all right there.

  • Track Your Leads
  • Listen Back to Generated Calls
  • See Exactly Where You Are Spending
  • Produce Detailed Reports
  • All Your Campaigns In One Place
  • Easily Track Your Campaigns Progress

Why Choose Smooth Digital? Because We’re Care Home PPC Specialists

We weren’t always – we started out as a more generic PPC agency. But working with a friend who owned a care business gave us a personal connection to the industry. They turned into a long-standing client, and our experience and focus on results meant we turned into the go-to paid digital marketing agency for the care sector.

We know what strategies work for care and nursing homes – how to target the right people, and the terms that people search for to find your services and specialisms. While other agencies might be spending your ad budget to learn on the job, we can guarantee that we’re cracking on with the tactics we know will deliver not just clicks, but valuable leads.

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Fully Managed PPC Marketing Campaigns for Care Homes

We don’t just set up your ads and walk away – a lot goes into managing your campaign to make sure you see the best-possible use of your budget. We are always refining and optimising your ads, bids and keywords, keeping an eye on your competitors, and testing new ads. And with our analytics platform, you can track and monitor the results yourself to see exactly where you’re spending your budget, and how many leads are being generated.

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Smooth Digital are extremely professional and I would recommend Smooth to care home providers who do not know the digital market space as it’s very complex and these guys certainly know their stuff!

– Nimesh, Director, Down Hall Care –

Smooth provided us with great customer services and knowledgeable advice from the initial setup and subsequent management of the Live Chat function. We will happily recommend them to other customers.

– Anna, Head of Marketing and Communications, Greensleeves Care –

Over the last 18 months Smooth Digital have constantly offered a variety of methods to attract more potential leads. They also trained all our 15 Care Homes at We Care Group on enquiry call handling!

– Jalani, Marketing & Compliance Manager, We Care Group –

Fast forward two months after saying yes..It’s the best thing we’ve done!! Thank you, we feel much more confident and able to compete and present our lovely home to the digital market place.

– Susan, Director, Rosemary Lodge –

Not only did Smooth Digital manage the campaign, they helped us set up a landing page, provided valuable advice regarding the follow up of the leads & generally were helpful all the way along.

– Geoff, Chariman, Abbeyfield –

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Care Home Live Chat

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