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Care Home Paid Social

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Social Media Marketing for Nursing Homes and Care Homes

Where do we turn for advice when we need it? Often it’s straight to a Google search – but that tends to be for the more generic queries in life. When it’s something more personal, like the care of our loved ones, we tend to turn to our friends and family – on the platforms where they spend their time.

We don’t need to tell you how powerful social media can be as a tool for reaching your potential customers – we’re guessing you already have some idea, and that’s why you’re here. What you need is a campaign for social media run by someone who not only understands the ins and outs of each and every platform, but also the ins and outs of the care industry.

Types of Paid Social Media Advertising

There are so many social media networks out there – new ones pop up and disappear all the time. Knowing which platforms to prioritise is the first step in ensuring your budget is used in the most effective way.

Paid social ads and sponsored posts tend to operate in the same way as paid search – through a pay-per-click model. Because of the level of information people will share through their social profiles, the potential for highly targeted and relevant ads is, quite frankly, amazing.

Facebook Ads for Care Homes

The audience for Facebook Ads is gigantic – the research says that you can reach almost 2 billion people around the world through the social media giant’s ad platform, and the sheer range of factors you can use to target your ads is staggering.

Facebook is a complex, competitive platform. Ads have to be carefully crafted to display well across all devices, reach the right audience, engage users and make the most of the available budget. As care industry marketing specialists, we understand the challenges you’re facing, the audience you want to reach, and the best way to reach them.

Instagram Advertising for Care Homes

Instagram is often thought of as a social network for younger people, but even that thinking is a little bit behind the times! While Instagram still has a massive user base of 18 to 24 year olds, it’s TikTok that’s the exclusively youthful platform nowadays.

In fact, after 10 years as the ubiquitous photo-sharing app, many of its users are getting older along with it. According to the stats, nearly a third of the users in the UK are 25 to 34, with significant chunks in their 40s, 50s and above. These user groups cover both parents looking for care for their children (including adult children), and adult children looking for care for their parents – there’s a lot of potential, and we know how to tap into it.

Why Choose Smooth Digital? Because We’re Care Home Marketing Experts

We weren’t always – we started out as a generic PPC agency. But working with a friend who owned a care business gave us a personal connection to the industry that quickly saw us become the go-to agency for the care sector.

From there, it made sense for us to branch out into paid social, applying what we’d learned from paid search onto other platforms, and developing our offering into an industry-leading service.

We know what strategies work for care and nursing homes – how to target the right people, with the right content, at the right time. While other agencies might be spending your social budget to learn on the job, we’ll be delivering not just clicks, but valuable leads.

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Fully Managed Paid Social Marketing Campaigns for Care Homes

We don’t just set up ads and forget about them – managing your campaign is an ongoing and carefully considered process to make sure you see the best-possible use of your budget across all social platforms. Due to the nature of social media and how quickly content can spread, it’s important to keep control of the campaign. We are always refining and optimising your sponsored posts and ads across every platform, tweaking the bids and keywords, keeping an eye on your competitors, and testing new ads. And with our analytics platform, you can track and monitor the results yourself to see exactly where you’re spending your budget, and how many leads are being generated.

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Smooth Digital are extremely professional and I would recommend Smooth to care home providers who do not know the digital market space as it’s very complex and these guys certainly know their stuff!

– Nimesh, Director, Down Hall Care –

Smooth provided us with great customer services and knowledgeable advice from the initial setup and subsequent management of the Live Chat function. We will happily recommend them to other customers.

– Anna, Head of Marketing and Communications, Greensleeves Care –

Over the last 18 months Smooth Digital have constantly offered a variety of methods to attract more potential leads. They also trained all our 15 Care Homes at We Care Group on enquiry call handling!

– Jalani, Marketing & Compliance Manager, We Care Group –

Fast forward two months after saying yes..It’s the best thing we’ve done!! Thank you, we feel much more confident and able to compete and present our lovely home to the digital market place.

– Susan, Director, Rosemary Lodge –

Not only did Smooth Digital manage the campaign, they helped us set up a landing page, provided valuable advice regarding the follow up of the leads & generally were helpful all the way along.

– Geoff, Chariman, Abbeyfield –

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No marketing activity exists in a vacuum – your social media efforts make up just one piece of the digital puzzle. Learn how Smooth Digital can help you go further.

Care Home Landing Pages

When someone clicks on your ad, where do they go? It might be to a homepage or a service page – but is that really the best place? We can create landing pages for your social media ads tailored to generating leads, based on the types of content that converts, whether you have a website already or not.

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Paid Ads for Care Homes

Even with billions of users searching on social every day, Google remains the world’s largest search engine – and Bing’s level of market share isn’t something to be ignored either. Smooth Digital started out as a paid search agency – we specialise in targeted search ad campaigns for care and nursing homes that fill beds.

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