If you are care home owner new to digital marketing, have run your own campaigns, or have no idea where to start, at a minimum, you should familiarise yourself with Google Analytics (GA).

There are many, many, things you can learn from this valuable, free tool. To keep it simple, here are a few things you can learn about your care home marketing efforts when you use Google Analytics:

1) How many monthly visits:Google Analytics Tracking Monthly Visits

This is one of the most basic ways to get a pulse on how many people are actually coming to your website. With this knowledge, you can take a step back and evaluate your care home marketing efforts.

2) Where the visits are actually coming from:

google analytics tracking web trafficHow? Google breaks it all down for you. Google Analytics is user-friendly and breaks out visitors to your website by how they got there.

GA tells you whether a visitor directly typed your website into the browser, a user clicked through to your page from a paid ad (example: Google, Bing), or came from care network pages such as www.carehome.co.uk.

This insight can help you to use your care home’s marketing budget strategically and spend your funds on the channels that are driving you the most (relevant) traffic.

3) Which pages are getting most visits:google analytics page visits

This data can be very helpful to know which of your pages are performing well organically (without the help of paid ads).

You can use these high performing pages to determine what is working well. This knowledge can also be helpful when building new pages and redesigning lower performing pages as you can work to duplicate success with future campaigns.

4) What people are doing on your site:

Google Analytics doesn’t just track the first time a person visits your website. GA also tracks the second time someone visits and which pages the user has navigated to during their visit (client testimonials, blog posts, etc).

Furthermore, you can use this knowledge to your advantage with your care home marketing plan. With this information in your arsenal, put your best foot forward with these people who could become potential clients.

5) You can track conversions:

In the care industry, conversions are usually calls or form submissions. In Google Analytics, you can set these actions up as goals. Not only this, but it can help you to have a better understanding of what is working on your website to encourage users to actually call or submit the form. Hone in on that success and increase your conversion rate!


Driving traffic to your website is vital in order to attract new customers. Therefore, utilising tools such as Google Analytics can help you analyse and present valuable insights to help shape the success strategy of your business.

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