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Rosemary Lodge

Meet the Client

Rosemary Lodge is a 29 bed Residential Home situated in the beautiful & historical cathedral City of Lichfield taking on its first residents in October of 1990. The residents have described the home as having the standard of a 5 star hotel.

All these years later and still in the family hands of Susan Williams, Rosemary Lodge is well reputed in the local community, where to date hundreds of elderly ladies and gents have been cared for during this time.

The Challenge

As care home owners know all too well, the cost of an empty bed can really impact on finances. On our first meeting with Rosemary Lodge, Sue informed us that at any one time 3 to 4 beds were left unoccupied because they would get admissions but experience turnover at the same time. Smooth’s job was to ensure that there was a steady flow of regular enquiries coming in to help keep occupancy levels up while creating online awareness of Rosemary Lodge as a brand & help compete with bigger companies spending on ads in the area and all in a cost effective way.

Smooth Digital’s Approach

Smooth Digital created a comprehensive digital marketing strategy and brought it to life; ensuring the campaign was launched seamlessly and successfully.

This included:

  • Setting up a consultation to understand their business specifically & what their USP’s are compared to the competitors in the area
  • Running and showing ads using those USP’s & a/b testing various different ad copy
  • Suggesting improvements & testing the landing page after changes were implemented
  • Using our Smooth Analytics suite to listen to calls, track stats and view live chat leads
  • Giving suggestions on how to improve call to visit rates
  • Holding regular campaign management meetings to discuss data analysis, ROI and improvement suggestions.

Client Feedback

“When we first started the campaign, Rosemary Lodge had three to four empty beds at any one time & now we’re at full capacity & have even added an extension.” 

The Result



We had initially been uncertain as to whether Smooth Digital could make a difference to our business, despite our care manager loving the live demonstration at a recent care show. Fast forward two months after saying yes… it’s the best thing we’ve done!

The increase of our online presence has been excellent and proven to contribute to an increase in enquiries, thereby achieving our aim to turn around bed vacancies more quickly. Our site looks professional with the online chat certainly contributing to the overall professional presentation of our company.

Dealing with the team at Smooth has been a pleasure. Ultra professional, committed, and extremely patient! We feel much more confident and able to compete and present our lovely home to the digital marketplace.

– Susan – Director – Rosemary Lodge –

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