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Meet the Client

SilverBirch Healthcare are a family run Home Care business with over 60 years experience in the Care industry.

They are aware that choosing the right care for family members can be not only time consuming, but stressful, that is why their aim is to take the stress out of this with care assessments at times that suit the customer and their family, meaning weekends, evenings etc.

Their main goal is to provide care that they would be happy for their family members to receive, and because of this they invest in high quality on-going training for their carers.

Additionally, all their managers and care coordinators started out as carers and climbed the ladder to their current positions. This means they have real-world experience to lean on to provide the best care and guidance possible.

They also offer a 24 hour on call service staffed by the office staff (not an outside agency) that know their customers.

The Challenge

Prior to working with Smooth, SilverBirch Healthcare were running ads but not seeing much success. They were getting little to no leads from the google ads they were running and paying for, and no relevant enquiries from the areas they were targeting. They also had staff distributing leaflets but it is tricky to measure success with this kind of marketing.

There was a certain area of Kent that they wanted to grow in, but in that area they had little to no customers so that’s the area that Smooth Digital targeted, to increase the number of hours.

After Smooth Digital came on board, SilverBirch Healthcare saw 30% business growth and they now have a 2.6% average Click To Lead rate, which in the care industry is excellent.

They now receive 10-12 good leads per month, and have gone from around 500 weekly hours to 800-900 weekly hours.

They were so pleased with the outcomes of the campaign that Smooth ran for them, that they have now decided to run a new campaign to increase their weekly hours in other areas they wish to target. As the company is expanding, they are using Smooth for more of their digital marketing, as it allows them to minimise the cost of advertising, against the cost of care and recruitment.

Smooth Digital’s Approach

  • Setting up a consultation to understand their business specifically and what their USP’s are compared to the competitors in the area
  • Suggesting improvements on websites to ensure they are set up with all necessary call to actions, lead triggers & easy navigation of user experience
  • Targeted customer acquisition campaign using Google platform
  • Implementing a tailored Facebook remarketing strategy
  • Implementing bid strategies to receive the maximum amount of leads for the minimum cost per acquisition
  • Daily monitoring, management and constant refinement of the campaigns
  • Frequent campaign meetings and feedback reports
  • Getting to know the business and keeping a keen interest so that we could constantly feedback suggestions or improvements

Client Feedback

I think the best thing about Smooth is that they really understand the industry that they are marketing.”

The Result




“The best thing about Smooth Digital is their feedback from the leads, and how they show you how their system works. It is also great to have monthly meetings to see what you can change to make the campaign more successful. And the person that you meet with, they are very understanding that sometimes meetings have to be moved because care is, by its nature, unpredictable.

I think the best thing about them is that they really understand the industry that they are marketing.

If you are advertising with Google already, you should change that money, pay a little bit extra and advertise with them, see the difference it can make. And not just the difference it makes to the company, but the difference it makes to the amount of time you spend on marketing”

– SilverBirch Healthcare, Catherine Cleary, Managing Director –

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