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We Care Group

Meet the Client

Celebrating over 11 years of excellence. We Care Group are proud to provide personalised care to around 700 individuals who live in their homes. And work with, train and develop more than 650 caring staff who deliver high standards and round-the-clock care and support.

WCG is an ever-expanding company, currently running 15 Care Homes in various locations in North and Northwest of England. Across all of their homes they provide a range of care needs for both long term and
respite periods.

The Challenge

Having met at a national care show, We Care Group approached the Smooth Digital stand to understand how they can attract more private paying clients to their care homes with a view to increasing their occupancy rates & to also help build a waiting list.

Smooth Digital’s Approach

Smooth Digital created an extensive digital marketing strategy and brought it to life; ensuring the campaign was launched seamlessly and successfully.

This included:

  • Suggested improvements on websites to ensure they are set up with all necessary call to actions, lead triggers & easy navigation of user experience
  • Targeted customer acquisition campaign using various Google tools
  • Bid strategies implemented to receive the max leads for the minimum cost per acquisition
  • Implementing a tailored remarketing strategy
  • Daily monitoring, management and refinement of the campaigns
  • Monthly campaign meetings & feedback reports
  • Getting to know the business & keeping a keen interest so that we could constantly feedback suggestions or improvements
  • Lead handling training with the key care managers to ensure everyone is aligned with the same goal & understanding
  • Access to the Smooth Analytics suite to monitor calls & stats over all campaigns
  • The addition of 24 hour live chat to ensure lead capture at all times

The Result



We Care Group have worked with Smooth Digital for the last 18 months, and we have experienced numerous benefits, particularly in regards to generating more enquiries through our online presence.

They have constantly offered a variety of methods to attract more potential leads and also provided free workshops on enquiry call handling for all our 15 Care Homes. In addition, we regularly receive detailed reports via online meetings which also included feedback on how to fine tune our web presence.

The team at Smooth Digital drove our PPC and Live Chat campaign, from which we saw a rise in the number of enquiries coming through our websites. The team at Smooth Digital have been continuously helpful, constantly offering new ideas, and always quick to respond to any questions we had. As such I would certainly recommend Smooth Digital to any company looking to set up a successful online marketing campaign.

– Jalani – Compliance and Marketing Manager – We Care Group –

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