When you visit any Smooth Group website, that site will collect certain information about you. Most of the information can’t be used to identify you personally. The only information that can is information you voluntarily share with us – so, for example, if you ask us a question via email, we’ll need to be able to link your message with your name and email address to be able to respond.

All other data we collect is anonymised, and can’t be linked to you personally. This includes your IP address, and the type and version of the web browser you used to visit the site.

All Smoothdigital websites collect and use cookies. A cookie is a small file that is stored on your computer whenever you visit a website page. Cookies can’t harm your computer, they don’t contain any personal data and they can’t be used to identify you personally. You can choose to reject cookies and you can find out how below.

What do cookies do?

Cookies have lots of different purposes. Some are to tell Google which pages you’ve visited and for how long. Others are used to control the appearance of our site on your device or help improve your site experience.

We use 2 types of cookie on our websites:

  • Session Cookies

As the name suggests, these are temporary files which only last as long as your online browsing session does. Session cookies help the website remember what you’ve entered on previous pages, so you don’t have to enter information twice.

When you close your browser, they’re gone.

  • Persistent Cookies

These cookies remain on your device once you’ve visited our website. They help us identify you as a unique visitor, but they only identify you as a number, not by name, and the cookie can’t be used to identify you personally.