mobile search for live chatWe live in a world where everyone and anyone is connected. Stay ahead of the curve and boost your care businesses enquiries by 30% with the support of Smooth Live Chat.  

With the rise in mobile and the internet, you can  look up just about anything instantly without leaving the couch.

The rise of messenger services has affected businesses even more with the need for instant gratification. This therefore has had a profound impact on care home marketing and home care marketing plans.

In a perfect world, you would have the endless staff to keep your care home or home care business office open 24 hours to reach these potential clients.

However, like many care home or home care businesses, it is likely that there are insufficient resources to support this. So, when a potential client comes to your website and has a question after hours, your team are unavailable to answer their enquiry. Instead of calling later when you’re open, many people simply continue their search.

To keep your office ‘open’ and have those out of hour enquiries still answered is with the addition of live chat on your website. 

Why Use Smooth Live Chat?

live chat instant messagingOnce you have added our outsourced, 24-hour live chat service onto your website, our agents will act as an extension of your care home or home care business’s office. This acts as an additional layer of support to you and your team. We understand that most businesses cannot justify the cost of adding weekend or overnight staff just to handle enquiries coming in.

Our Live Chat agents are stationed throughout the world covering various time zones so they can can perform this service at a much lesser investment than hiring a full or part-time employee.

Furthermore, the agents are equipped with the abilities needed to ‘start the conversation’. Therefore, they will get the contact details of your potential client without actually consulting on your behalf. They will create a relationship by building trust and setting an expectation of follow up with someone from your office, seamlessly.

Although there are other live chat providers out there that can also help with accomplishing these goals. We pride ourselves with being niche, we specialise in care home marketing and home care marketing.

Benefits of Smooth Live Chat
  • We’re industry experts that know what your potential clients frequently ask and how to address these live chat
  • We are unique as we tailor our scripts to your care business.
  • With our Cost-Per-Lead model, you only pay for leads that are valuable to you.
    • As an added bonus, current customers who reach out via live chat will be sent to your team for additional follow up, at no extra charge.

Live chat will give you a competitive advantage over your local care competitors, improve customer service and loyalty and allows you to be open 24/7 to allow contact at any time.

Reach out to us to speak with us about how to get started. Book a free strategy call, here.