I want you to understand the value of ‘Being Different’ and why having this attitude will help you stand out from your competitors.

To conform is to be similar and by acting similarly to your competitors, you are really limiting your businesses potential, so lesson 1 is – DO NOT CONFORM.

Being in the care industry, there any many regulations and accreditations (CQC for example) that you need to adhere to in order to lawfully serve your customers. However, there is still room to express yourself differently and create a unique value proposition compared with your competitors.

In order to do this well, you need to know your competitors – really know them, not just what their website looks like – but understand what their core USP is.

So take some time with your team to put in the research and then brainstorm effective ways for you to distinguish yourself. Simply put, if you struggle to distinguish your company from a competitors, how can you expect customers to choose you over anyone else?

One of our favourite sayings here at Smooth (taken from someone else) goes; if you follow the crowd you won’t go any further then the crowd. But, if you walk alone, you will find yourself in places no one has ever been. (Francis Phillip)
There are plenty of ways in which you can be different and it all really depends on what your vision for the company is. Below, we have put together some areas you can look into which will be a great starting point:

Do you think the standard of service you provide is extraordinary?

If you believe the standard of service is your USP you need to ensure this is represented by the number and quality of reviews you receive so you can showcase your service. For example, if you have an ‘outstanding’ CQC rating, make sure this is one of the first things a user sees when coming to your page.

Do you have a niche?

For example, some companies we work with only offer Live in Care to their customers. This is a fantastic way of differentiating themselves from competition as you instantly become ‘Live in Care specialists’ – making it really clear to potential customers that is what you do.

Are your prices less than others?

Care at home, specifically live-in care, is a very expensive service so if you know you can offer a cheaper service than competitors, make sure you make a sing and dance about it!

So, now that we have given you some examples on how companies we work with have been able to differentiate themselves, we must address how you can make your customers aware of your difference and uniqueness. Lesson 2: PROMOTE YOUR USP

Online: Website, Adverts, Social Media

For customers who are unaware of your company, how you come across through your branding is going to be key to attracting new business. Now that you have identified your differences, zone in on them and make them stand out on your website, through online marketing, and your social media presence.

How you act when you meet / Speak to customers

You are in the position of power. You need to perceive yourself as the expert in order to be perceived as one. Once potential customers see this, they will feel much more comfortable using your service. This perception comes from the first incoming call made to the business and further secured during the consultation. Offer your advice and be willing to turn down more expensive care packages if you actually think the customer doesn’t require that level of care. Vice versa, as the expert you are within your right to tell the customer that what they require is the more expensive package. Customers will respond very well to this type of service.

What we want you to understand is that developing a unique value proposition to stand out from the crowd is just the beginning.

Read our Aggressive Growth Blueprint below to ensure your company has a solid strategy to achieve growth.