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Social Media Marketing for Home Care Providers

If you’ve got a question, where do you ask it? If not Google, then it’s probably on social media. Especially if it’s for an issue that’s close to our hearts, and that requires sensitive advice from people we trust – such as finding home care for our loved ones.

Social media ads and sponsored posts offer you an excellent opportunity to reach your potential audience in an environment they trust, and where they may actively be seeking help. No one likes an irrelevant social ad – but when one crops up at the right time to solve our problems, they’re invaluable.

Paid Social Media Advertising Options

There are so many social media networks out there – new ones pop up and disappear all the time, with very different user bases. Knowing which platforms to prioritise is the first step in ensuring your budget is used in the most effective way.

Paid social ads and sponsored posts tend to operate in the same way as paid search – through a pay-per-click model. People share a lot of information on social media, giving you lots of opportunities to reach the people for whom your home care services can make a real difference.

Facebook Ads for Home Care Businesses

According to the research, you can reach almost 2 billion people around the world through the social media giant’s ad platform. So you better believe you’ll be able to reach plenty in the location – or locations – that your home care services operate.

People share a lot with Facebook, and that information can be used to target specific locations, specific care needs, and much more. We specialise in getting your business in front of the right people in a way that feels helpful and unobtrusive.

Instagram Advertising for Home Care Businesses

Instagram is far from the youth-only platform it may have been when it launched years ago – its user base is getting older, and in many cases growing up with it.

Instagram has amazingly diverse communities, with many using it to connect to others with similar disabilities and care needs, for example. This diversity of users makes for an invaluable audience for an industry as diverse and specialised as home care.

Why Choose Smooth Digital? Because We’re Home Care Marketing Specialists

A lot of agencies understand social media, and can do a fantastic job of marketing businesses there – but if they don’t have specific care industry experience, they’ll be learning the finer details on the job.

At Smooth, while we did start out as a more generic digital marketing agency, we quickly came to specialise in care thanks to personal connections to the industry. We understand home care inside and out – what works and what doesn’t, how to talk to your audiences, and the right questions to ask to understand what makes you different from other providers.

We’ve become the go-to social media agency not just for home care providers, but for the wider care industry. We’re more than just a few steps ahead.

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Fully Managed Domiciliary Care Marketing Plans

A social media advertising campaign is an involved process – it’s not something you can just set up and walk away from. We are always refining and optimising your sponsored posts and ads across every platform, tweaking the bids and keywords, keeping an eye on your competitors, and testing new ads. That’s how we improve performance and ensure you’re getting leads.

You can also use our analytics platform to track and monitor the results yourself – you’ll have complete visibility of where your budget is being spent, and how many leads are being generated. Giving our clients this level of transparency is really important to us.

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I got my first care enquiry 10 minutes after getting the call to let me know that the campaign was live & about 2 weeks after going live I secured my first client from a lead that Smooth generated!!

– Seun, Director, New Shepherd Care –

Over the last two years with Smooth, we’ve seen more uptake in the amount of enquiries coming through from Google & Bing for both customers and carers. We’ve seen a revenue increase of 350%, per week.

– Paul, Director, Bluebird Care –

Smooth Digital are friendly, helpful and results are ROI focused. I’d recommend other Home Care providers talk to them if they are looking for a performance and data led digital marketing solution.

– Phil, Digital Marketing Manager, Radfield –

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