We have worked with a range of care businesses throughout the UK. We tend to see home care agency businesses focusing on either acquiring more staff OR clients. This one sided plan can sometimes be a problematic approach. 

For example, a home care agency focused only on new clients.

After some serious marketing efforts and investment, they were able to obtain more clients. This one sided marketing plan had created a new problem. Since the business only focused on clients but not growing their care team to support these visits, they didn’t have enough care staff for this new business. These new clients added stress to the team while they tried to cover this new business which impacted overall customer service. 

On the other end of the spectrum, another company set out to grow and set a goal to get more care staff.

When the goal of 10 more carers was reached, there was an imbalance and not enough clients for the carers to service. This reduction in hours caused dissatisfaction within the team and resulted in some team members looking at other employers who guaranteed hours. 

This relates back to the chicken or the egg.

How do you get past this hurdle and thrive as a growing home care agency? We have helped our clients do this very thing. How? By having two separate strategically targeted campaigns. One campaign is focused on private paying clients. The other is for new care staff to support your growing number of clients. 

We refer to this as our ‘twin turbo engine’.

For home care agencies, this type of approach is necessary to ensure steady business growth. If one engine is stopped, this can have an overall effect on both clients and staff. This involves some serious knowledge of not only how to get in front of potential clients but also potential care staff. If done right, when both campaigns are able to work together, domiciliary care agencies can experience some serious business growth.  

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