Let’s focus on your care home or home care business’s Google PPC campaign – more specifically how to improve your Text Ad. Text Ads are often the first time a user sees your offering.  This first impression is why you must have a message powerful enough to make them choose you instead of the competition.

3 Benefits Of Having Excellent Text Ads:
  1. Increased click-through rate onto your care home or home care business’s site
  2. Improved quality score
  3. Reduced cost per click

These three benefits ensure a better ROI from your PPC advertising efforts.

quality text ads on google adwords

New Text Ads

If you are currently using a Digital Marketing Agency, they have most likely already updated your texts ads to make use of the added ad space.

The new format allows for a higher character limit – meaning you have more space to showcase your care business. This is ‘prime real estate’ and you want to make the absolute most of this limited space.

Google’s Best Practices to Write Quality Text Ads:
1) Write Compelling, Genuine Ad Copy

Your ad should be focused on the benefits for the user, not the features of your offering. This is where you should communicate your care business’s USPs (family owned, Outstanding CQC rating, etc).

2) Create Ads That Appeal To Users Across Multiple Devices

Make the most of the increased character limit. Longer ads mean more clickable space for your ads, especially on a mobile device. (You are paying for this space, you might as well use it!)

3) Set Up Your Ads For Success

Include all types of ad extensions e.g. site links, call out, structured snippets etc. Google favours ads which include multiple extensions. Having multiple extensions improves the chance that your ads will outperform competitors’ ads that only include one or a few extensions.

4) Test And Optimise Creatives

Create at least 3 different variations of a text ad within each ad group. This will help teach you about users’ preferences; which ad is clicked on vs. which ad isn’t.

Your Advert Must Be Highly Relevant To The Search Query

You must make sure that your advert is clearly relevant to the search terms that have been entered by the user. This is one of the leading causes of poor (click through rate) CTR.

Be specific and relate to the needs of the person searching for your services. Customers will see your specifically targeted ads and think you are exactly what they are looking for! Make it easy and group ads around each of the different services you offer. Make sure you have very tightly grouped ad groups to enable more relevant ads to appear.

Finally, make sure your keyword appears in the headline and the display URL. Not only does this make the advert appear more relevant, but it will also catch the user’s eye as the word will appear in a big bold font.

Research The Competition

There are many adverts that aim to compete on price (which can, sometimes, be a very effective method). However; where these ads often fall short is due to a lack of research on the competition.

For instance, live-in care is an area of your business which you aim to grow. If in your advert you highlight the price, but below is a local competitor who is offering a cheaper price, users are less likely to click through.

Instead, we highly recommend your ads highlight a USP that differentiates you from the competition. For example, if you know your company has far superior CQC rating compared with your local competition, highlight this in your ad!

Now Let’s Get Creative

When creating a text ad, a helpful tool to utilise is a program like Excel or Google Sheets. Here, you can test different creatives while being aware of exactly how many characters you have at your disposal. This is a useful practice to make the final touches to an ad before uploading into Google Ads.

Having well written, quality text ads is important but only a very small part of the puzzle. If you are ambitious and looking to actively grow your business, book a one to one with us to learn more