Does your care business have a sales team?

Even care companies with the best marketing plan will not grow if the leads are not handled correctly by staff. If you don’t have the resources to hire a designated sales person, you can, and should create a ‘mini-sales team’. We have created a list of what you should consider when you are building your own mini-sales team:

Who handles your inbound leads? 

handling inbound leads correctlyDo you have an office administrator handle the calls & emails? Or is it a team lead or supervisor? The first thing you need to look at is who is actually answering the phone and emails. This sounds so simple but establishing a designated person (or persons) can help with accountability. If there are too many people responsible, leads can fall through the cracks and be lost forever… and to your competition. 

How much sales experience does your team actually have? 

training your staff to handle the leads and follow up efficiently This is very important to keep in mind as some training will most likely need to happen. We have seen so many leads lost because the person who answered the inbound call simply gave information and didn’t focus on converting this call to a client. 

As this person is the first point of contact with a potential customer, they will need to know how to nurture the potential client by answering their questions, making them feel comfortable by building a relationship, and letting them know why they should choose your care home or home care business. 

Do you have a standard on what questions should be asked during a follow up?

We suggest using the 3×3 rule. With an inbound lead, ensure team membershave a standard on what questions should be asked during a follow up gather 3 pieces of information from leads (e.g. name, contact details & how quickly they need your care services). Also, team members should share 3 pieces of information with leads to stand out in their memory (Company USPs, a confirmation you understand their enquiry and the next steps). 

Do you have a process in place as to how often the team is expected to follow up? 

How often does your team follow up with an inbound lead? Do they stop at one phone call or are there multiple touch points? 

We have worked with clients who gave us feedback about the leads:

‘We left them a voicemail and didn’t hear back’ 

So… you left the ball in their court?

Your team should follow up at least four different times. After multiple attempts, then you can abandon and focus on other potential care clients. We talk more about this in detail, here

Do you use more than one mode of communication for these follow ups?

Different people respond to different modes of communication. Relate this using more than one communication form to follow up on leadto yourself, do you prefer talking on the phone? Texting? Email? WhatsApp? Many people respond to different modes of communication so you should try different ways, if possible, to reach your leads. Texting has been a recent game changer and you can read more about why this should be added to your plan for follow up, here.

Implementing these steps should have a great impact on your call to conversion rate. However, this is only one part of your Sales & Marketing plan for your care home or home care business.

We would be happy to talk to you more about how we can help you and your care business grow on a no-strings-attached strategy session. Book a one to one with us here.