Is your form set up to encourage the user to enter their information?

It is very likely that the form field submission box on your website or landing page isn’t acting as the ‘lead capture magnet’ that it could be to drive conversions.

Too frequently, we come across businesses who are making similar mistakes. These mistakes are limiting the potential for new customers to make contact.

We have listed some changes you can make to your forms to ensure your form submission box is set up to drive conversions.

1) Only Ask For The Information You Need

Firstly, the most common mistake is having too many form fields for the user to fill in. You may have a specific area in which you service but do you really require a user to fill in their full address as part of the form?

What we recommend is only including questions on your form that you actually need to know in order to make the next point of contact.

2) Align Questions To The Left Of The Form

It’s important to make sure the format of the form promotes readability and is also aesthetically appealing. It has been proven that if you align all the questions to the left of the form, users respond more favourably to it, finding it easier to digest the information and fill in the required form fields. This means not to have two form fields next to each other, even First Name and Last Name should be on a different line.

align form questions to the left to drive conversions


3) Create A Feeling Of Exchange

Some things to consider when creating your form:

  • Why should this user fill in the form fields and send it?
  • What are you actually offering them?

Some people input a button at the bottom of the form that says something along the lines of ‘submit’ or ‘send message’. This doesn’t create a feeling of exchange. Instead, the user may feel uneasy about handing over personal information. If you altered this slightly to ‘receive your free consultation’ users are more willing to give you their information.


4) Benefits Of Input Validation

We would highly recommend you include an ‘input validation’ function on your form fields. This means that if a user doesn’t fill in a required form field or makes a mistake in the section they have filled in, they won’t be able to send it. This may raise some eyebrows as it has the potential to cause some friction with the user but ultimately, if the information they are providing you with is incorrect, then it’s useless. So instead, we would recommend not being too strict.

For example, if the user doesn’t fill in their last name, does this really matter? Whereas, if someone has left the contact method empty (telephone number or email) then this is an issue as it’s ultimately useless to you!





Follow the advice from this post and see for yourself how this will affect the level of enquires your business receives and really drive those conversions to your website or landing page.

However, altering the Form Submission box on your site is only a very small part of our Aggressive Growth Strategy.

Read the full Aggressive Growth Blueprint below for the full,  complete strategy.