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5. I’m locked out! How do I reset my password?

By November 23, 2018 No Comments

This occurs from entering the incorrect password too many times. If you cannot access your account after three unsuccessful login attempts, your account will be locked out. We will have to initiate a manual reset which can take several hours to be completed by the system.

Instead, before the third attempt, try resetting your password:

When logging into the portal, click ‘Forgot your password?’ below the login details. An e-mail will be sent to our team and we will send you a new temporary password.

We Do Not Recommend Saving The Password. Not only is this a security risk to sensitive data, if this setting is overridden by an incorrect login attempt, you may also lock your account.


If you are already logged in and simply wish to change your password, you can reset your password within the portal. The option can be found in the upper right of your screen.