With the ever growing presence & reliance on search engines for, well…everything, you need to make sure search engines can easily match your care business’s website to a user’s search. We’ve devised 4 easy and free ways to help your care business improve your online presence.


In short, blogs help build brand confidence to the user which is invaluable in the care industry. Also, having blogs gives search engines more opportunities to find your care home or home care agency’s website. There are many more benefits a blog brings to your care business and we talk more in detail in our blog about why care businesses should have blogs, here.

Google My Business & Bing Places

By listing your care business’s information on Google My Business & Bing Places, you allow users to find out information about your business. You also enhance your chances of appearing in search results for care, especially for local search. When you add a new blog or have some great content to post about, ensure to share it here!

Improve Online Presence - google my business
Google Search Console & Bing Webmaster

When you verify ownership of your care home or home care agency’s website with Google & Bing, they trust the source more which increases the likelihood of your content matching a user’s query. When you list all of your pages on these platforms, you allow their spiders to crawl. Using these platforms also enables you to be alerted of website errors and how to fix them. Every time you have a new blog or page added to your site, make sure you also index these pages on these platforms to improve search engine presence. 

Social Media

When you have new content or a blog to share, make sure to shout out about it on your social media! Sharing information on social media is a great way to let your followers, clients, and potential clients know about the exciting things you have going on at your acre home or domiciliary care agency. Additionally, make sure to utilise relevant #hashtags to increase visibility even more. 

Improve Online Presence - Social Media

These 4 and easy tips are a small part of your overall digital strategy for your care business, however once implented it will make a huge difference to grow your online presence for your care business. 

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