Irrespective of your business and the industry you operate in, competition online has never been greater. It is no longer enough to just create a website that looks appealing, competition dictates that your website must be engaging! We can help improve website engagement with these 3 simple steps.

Here is the common problem that the majority of the businesses we work with face:

You have invested heavily in a website that works more as an ornament than a conversion driver.

Too frequently, websites are made to look great are but fail to serve their actual purpose: encourage on conversions. In fact, in our experience, the level of wastage on websites is staggering.

Improve Website Engagement To Encourage Phone & Email Conversions

On average, 95% of users that come to a website will leave, failing to take action.

This is why we want to change your way of thinking – no longer talk in terms of traffic but instead in terms of conversions. With this in mind, we want to equip you with quick and easy tools to help boost and improve website engagement.

1) Have Your Telephone Number Present in The Top Right Hand Corner of The Page

The rise in digital communication channels has created an environment in which businesses have been allowed to forget the importance and value of an old-fashioned phone call.

This top tip is to make sure your business’s phone number is positioned at the top right hand of the site. The idea behind this is that it has been proven to be the first place users look when they drop onto a new web page.

Improve Website Engagement To Encourage Phone CallsDid you know phone calls have around a 30-50% conversion rate? Encourage calls to your business to speak directly to potential customers. With the majority of search now being done on mobile devices, most people find it more convenient to just click-to-call rather than navigate through your site.

2) The Content Must Be Easily Digestible

This seems almost too generic to be considered valuable advice but more often than not it is overlooked.

Too often, businesses are approaching content writing from an SEO point of view and not from the point of view of their customer. SEO is important. Your content strategy has to include SEO principles, however, too much of this style will cause your engagement levels to plummet.

There are two different types of users you are interested in engaging with.

  1. Firstly, the person who has already decided they want to speak with you, they are just searching for the most convenient channel.
  2. Secondly, (this is where content comes into play) the type of user who is browsing the internet, looking for your services, and needs some convincing.

There a few simple tips that will instantly have an effect on user’s website engagement:

  • Your content must be easily digestible (short paragraphs help with this)
  • Break up your text with some fantastic and relevant images
  • Update your content regularly
  • Write the content from the user’s point of view – what are they looking for in your service?
  • Include subheadings in your writing – some people will skim read and this gives them the important bits of information.
3) Live Chat

Instead of: ‘How do I want to communicate with my customer?’

Ask yourself: ‘How do my customers want to communicate with me?’

Improve Website Engagement With Mobile Messaging - live chat

The rise of text-based activity (Whatsapp, SMS messaging) means users are most comfortable engaging in these forms of communication which means you have no choice but to make yourself available to them.

Most likely, your business’s contact hours are roughly between 9am-6pm. However, your customers will also most likely be at work during these hours, meaning the time of day they are able to search for your service will be in the evening and on weekends. Live Chat allows the user to achieve the same level of instant gratification they can achieve during work hours.

These simple changes to improve website engagement will encourage users to contact you, ultimately growing your business. 

To take your company to the next level, we have developed the Aggressive Growth Blueprint. Follow the link below to uncover a six-step strategy which we use to help ambitious businesses reach their goals.