The digital world and all its advancements have further empowered the customer. At the click of a button, any one user looking for your services has the choice of a variety of different providers. This means that now, more than ever, more efforts have to be made to make the customer experience as seamless as possible. One small thing that can make a big difference is your website speed. 

Before you keep reading, use the URL test below to determine the speed your current website is performing:

website speed: website speed test

If your site is underperforming, (like the one above), the link provided actually provides you with tips specific to your website which you can apply to achieve a greater speed.

Please, do not overlook the importance of a quick website and how it can ultimately affect your businesses’ bottom line.

Time is Quite Literally Money

website speed: clockA slow site is not only linked to high bounce rate. Amazon reported a direct correlation with the speed of their website and sales; they noticed an incremental increase in revenue by 1% for every 100ms improvement. Now, although this is a very different model to a care-at-home business or a legal firm who have different consideration periods, there are some important learns here.

Appearance isn’t The Only Performance Indicator

A frequently made mistake is to design a website with the sole focus of appearance. This may mean having lots of images; maybe even a video or two, without the speed being considered.  A simple thing to remember: the larger the website file sizes (e.g. the more images/videos you have), the slower the website speed.

We are not suggesting that your website should be built with only speed in mind. Websites should be user-friendly and look attractive. However, a balance has to be made between looks and speed. Try to only include components that provide value to the users.

Website Speed Impacts PPC Performance

Did you know that Google takes the speed of your website into consideration when they are putting together your quality score? If you don’t know what a quality score is, don’t worry! Basically, Google scores sites who provide a greater users’ experience and awards them by reducing the price per click. Within this industry, the cost per click is very high. You should see website speed as an investment that will not only drive sales but will also reduce the cost per sale.

The Rise of Mobile

website speed: mobile messages

The rise of mobile means it is more likely that users are searching for your business on their phone rather than on their desktop.

What’s interesting here is that, typically, mobile sites are slower than desktop – but… users expect them to be quicker!


Having a fast, efficient website is a great starting point. However, it is only one piece of the puzzle…

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