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Landing Pages

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Marketing Campaign Landing Pages for Care Homes and Home Care Businesses

The typical care business website is focused on showing its best side – that you’re caring, committed to high standards and quality, staffed by dedicated people and catering to a diverse range of people. This image is essential.

But a website needs to find the right balance between displaying this wholesome view and serving as a sales and marketing tool. It needs to generate leads – and that’s where targeted campaign landing pages come in.

And if you don’t have a website yet, a landing page is a relatively quick solution to implement to get your web presence started outside of social networks and listing sites. We provide digital marketing for a lot of new care home startups, for example, who need a way to gather leads and start filling beds before investing in a full website.

Why Are Landing Pages Important?

A good landing page makes a real difference, not least because of the impact it has on your Google Ad quality score. Your quality score determines how effective your ads will be, and has some influence over the cost per click – thinking of it sort of like a credit score is a good analogy.

There are a few factors that go into the quality score, and the quality and relevance of the landing page is one that’s most commonly neglected. But an ad that sends people to the most useful place is obviously a higher quality ad!

Essential Care Home and Home Care Marketing Materials

Even outside of Google Ads, landing pages still play an essential role for social media ads, organic search, and much more. A landing page can be targeted so tightly to address the exact concern or pain point that someone has searched for, with content completely streamlined to offer the quickest possible route to a conversion.

While your homepage, for example, might focus on large images and lots of options, a landing page gives a direct user journey. Many will remove the main navigation menu, and strip calls to action down to an absolute minimum. This also helps the page load faster, reducing bounce.

The 10 Landing Page Commandments

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Why Choose Smooth Digital? Because We’re Care Home Marketing Experts

We weren’t always – we started out as a generic PPC agency, creating ads and landing pages for a wide range of companies. But working with a friend who owned a care business gave us a personal connection to the industry that quickly saw us become the go-to agency for the care sector.

Different landing pages convert different users in different ways – and we’ve got the experience to know what people meeting you for the first time expect to see, their likely next steps, and how you can help them to take them. There’s always research, trial and error involved in delivering the perfect campaign, and we’re ahead of the digital agency pack when it comes to figuring that out for the care industry.

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Fully Managed Marketing Campaigns for the Care Industry

We carefully consider your landing pages, and continue tracking and optimising them to make sure they’re giving you the best possible conversion rate from your visitors. If something’s not working, we change it. If more information is needed, we add it. After all, our success is based on you having a successful campaign. It’s in our best interest to make sure every aspect of the landing page is spot on.

And with our analytics platform, you can track and monitor the results yourself to see exactly where you’re spending your budget, and how many leads are being generated. We’re fully transparent at every stage.

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We saw an immediate 22-24% uplift in lead volumes reaching sales and recruitment, which also converted better at x2 the normal rate. If you’re on the fence about using Smooth, I would simply say: use them!

– Andrew, Head of Marketing, Country Cousins –

Smooth provided us with great customer services and knowledgeable advice from the initial setup and subsequent management of the Live Chat function. We will happily recommend them to other customers.

– Anna, Head of Marketing and Communications, Greensleeves Care –

Over the last two years with Smooth, we’ve seen more uptake in the amount of enquiries coming through from Google & Bing for both customers and carers. We’ve seen a revenue increase of 350%, per week.

– Paul, Director, Bluebird Care –

Very approachable and always willing to help. Offer excellent advice and suggestions to improve the campaign they are working on for you.

– Natasha, Digital Marketing Manager, Ramsay Health Care –

Not only did Smooth Digital manage the campaign, they helped us set up a landing page, provided valuable advice regarding the follow up of the leads & generally were helpful all the way along.

– Geoff, Chairman, Abbeyfield –

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