We have worked with various care homes and domiciliary care agencies, both big and small, and seen the most prominent trend as to why care businesses fail: No Plan.

It seems simple but it’s way more common than one would think.

Some Care Home and Home Care companies are operating year after year without actually reviewing past wins and losses. This is like starting a road trip with no goal of how or when you get to your destination. 

If you don’t look into how well you are doing (or are not doing), how will you know what you need to change and improve? 

When talking with different care home or home care business leaders, we often hear ‘we do leaflets or newspaper ads and they seem to work’. We are sure these definitely do impact the uptick in volume of phone calls but how can you really know if it was worth the investment of time and money?

The key for these meetings is to have an agenda and stick to it.

Use this time to make a plan based on what worked and didn’t. In order to have actual data to review, your whole team needs to be on board with keeping track of wins and losses.

When you start a new marketing initiative, you need to keep track of:

  • How much money was invested (and time, if done internally)
  • How many leads were received
  • How many leads turned into customers
  • How many leads turned into staff

Once you have these numbers, you can fine tune your marketing initiatives… or scrap them all together and try something new.

When looking into this data, you might even discover some things, or people, that are hindering your success. 

How often should you have these meetings?

While having a review mid-year is a great start, some of our most successful clients have these meetings every quarter to really get a pulse check on their businesses. 

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