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Meet the Client

Combining luxury and innovation, Oakland Care offer a range of care services, including specialised dementia care, nursing with 24 hour support, respite, and residential care that is fully tailored around the needs of the individual.

With over 500 residents, they offer high-quality professional care and accommodation with a homely feel and a real community spirit.

Their mission is to provide exceptional homes for people to live, love and be loved, and they have built their services around listening to their specially trained team members.

The Challenge


When we met the team at Oakland, they had a strong growth aim, but were concerned about their Google ad rank. They were initially working with another marketing company, but were disappointed due to lack of proactivity on sharing what has gone wrong and suggestions of strategies to improve performance.

With expansion in progress, they needed a team who could support them with expert knowledge in digital marketing in the care space, and a proactive communication style.

Smooth Digital’s Approach

  • Setting up a consultation to understand their business specifically and what their USP’s are compared to the competitors in the area
  • Suggesting improvements on websites to ensure they are set up with all necessary call to actions, lead triggers & easy navigation of user experience
  • Targeted customer acquisition campaigns using Google, and implemented a tailored remarketing strategy on Facebook and Instagram
  • Implementing bid strategies to receive the maximum amount of leads for the minimum cost per acquisition
  • Using our Smooth Analytics platform to listen to calls, track stats and view live chat leads.
  • Daily monitoring, management and constant refinement of the campaigns with monthly campaign meetings and feedback reports
  • Account manager working closely with client relationship managers to ensure that leads received were converted, including lead handling training with the key care managers to ensure everyone is aligned with the same goal
  • Getting to know the business and keeping a keen interest so that we could constantly feedback suggestions or improvements
  • Reviewing internal processes to enhance business growth and operations with innovative strategies.

Client Feedback

“Since working with Smooth Digital, we’re confident we will receive a consistent amount of leads a month, they’ve also given us a means to track return on investment.”

The Result

An average of 80 relevant customer acquisition leads per month.

‘Definitely give smooth digital a try, they’re flexible, they’re always there to help and adapt to your needs. They’re very responsive, can really help with ideas, as well as that consistent lead generation.

They can help you think outside of the box and give you the confidence to try new things as well.’

– Rachel Tiff, Marketing Manager, Oakland Care –

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