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Tea With Tobi ☕ Season 3

Using Video To Promote Your Care Home In A Positive Light Post COVID-19

Season 3 - Episode 5

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Podcast Sponsor:

The Access Group is the largest supplier of software to social care providers in the UK. Over 8000 care settings use Access’ integrated, comprehensive systems to deliver safer, higher quality care with greater efficiency. Access’ systems for care providers range from scheduling and rostering, eMAR and medication management, electronic care records, care delivery, risk and governance, recruitment and much more.

In this episode:

The best way to combat the negativity from the national media surrounding care homes during COVID-19 is to promote positive stories.

On this week’s #TeaWithTobi☕️ we are joined by York Woodford-Smith and Adam James to discuss how care homes can use video and local media to reduce the effects of the negative publicity they’ve been receiving over the past couple of months – at no fault of their own.

We discuss they types of stories that will reduce the concerns of families and give local media journalists the positive care home stories they are calling out for!


Find York & Adam here:
York Woodford-Smith LinkedIn 
Adam James LinkedIn

Resources mentioned:
York’s video starring Molly

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