Here are some key things to note:

To manage your expectations, please don’t expect miracles immediately. There are many factors to be taken into consideration while the campaign is being optimised. For example, we expect month 3 results to be better than month 1 results because of the optimisation process.

mobile searchAs Google/Bing begins the optimisation process, which can take up to 6 weeks, we will see the campaign’s performance increase. 

At this stage, we monitor the performance per day to ensure it performs as should be; allowing the platform to optimise the campaign’s information such as the relevancy of the keywords, landing page relevance, amount of clicks, cost per click etc.

Please do not search for or click on your ads to prevent budget wastage. When you search for yourself and don’t click on the ad, this counts as an impression. Since you didn’t click when it was shown, Google/Bing starts to think the ad isn’t relevant to the user, lowering the quality score.

This overall reduces the likelihood of Google/Bing showing the ad. In the early stages in the campaign, it is important to keep the data as real as possible so Google/Bing shows the ads.

Smooth Analytics

increasing graphThink of this tool as your complete data source overview. You will be sent your Smooth Analytics login details to access all your campaign’s data in the next 5 working days.

Here you will be able to view a range of campaign statistics such as the number of clicks, listen to calls and view your Live Chat leads which have come through via your ads.

Here is a tutorial on how to navigate your way around the portal. (Please note that you won’t be able to access this until 5 days after your campaign has gone live).


Monthly Reports:calendar

You will receive a monthly report via e-mail, this will include a breakdown of stats & results compared to the previous month.

Quarterly Screen Share:

This screen share will be to discuss KPI’s, performance changes & results. You will have a quarterly campaign management screen share via Zoom, this link will be included in your calendar invite that your account manager will send to you.  

Finally, & Most Importantly… Follow Up With Your Leads!

Lead Handling:

Having invested in Digital Marketing & received your leads, what happens with those leads is key to ensure the success of your business. This is why we encourage all clients & staff to watch our best practices lead handling tutorial.

If you have any questions, or still feel unsure about how this works, please don’t hesitate to let us know!