Generating website traffic is important, but the focus should be on turning these visits into enquiries. One great way in which you will see an increase in your enquiries is by making sure the call-to-action that you feature on your page are FANTASTIC.

For those of you who are unaware of what a call to action (CTA) is, it’s an image or line of text that promotes the user to take a specific action e.g. fill in a form submission, download a brochure or call your business.

These changes will instantly have an effect on the number of people who are converting on your site.

The Call-To-Action Should Feature On Every Single Page

And more than once! Some users will navigate around your website, perhaps looking for some more information, or trying to decide which of your care services would best suit their parent. Do not give them the opportunity to forget about how to get in contact with you and what action you actually want them to take.

Where Should The Call-To-Action Be Placed?

Firstly, at the top of every single page, preferably in the top right-hand corner. This is where our eyes naturally move toward first when landing on a new page. If your website allows users to scroll down, this same CTA needs to feature again on every scroll. This might even mean having the same CTA appear more than twice on one cta in upper right

Make Sure The CTA Stands Out 

Choosing a colour that really stands out against the main colour of your website. If designing isn’t your strong point, a good place to start is simply using the inverse colour to the website as the box for your CTA.
The thoughts behind this idea are that if you use a similar colour to the background, or even the same colour your CTA won’t stand out to a user who is just scanning your page quickly.

The Wording Must Be Compelling

Successful CTA’s have a few things in common and one of them is most definitely the way in which you convey your message. For example, your aim is to have people download the care brochure so that they can read about your services to better educate themselves on which service would better suit their parent. Now if your CTA was simply ‘download brochure’ it doesn’t really give a user any real reason to click. Whereas, if it read, ‘DOWNLOAD OUR FREE BROCHURE’, emphasising ‘FREE’ and capitalisation throughout, the click-through rate will increase.

book your free discovery call call to action

Follow the advice from this post and see for yourself how this will affect the level of enquires your business receives.

However, don’t get ahead of yourself… improving the CTAs on your site is only a very small part of our Aggressive Growth Strategy.

Read the full Aggressive Growth Blueprint below to see how improving your CTAs fits in with our holistic strategy.