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Your care home or home care business must have a presence across all types of social media platforms. As an absolute minimum, you should have accounts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Most care businesses will manage their social media profiles. Some may already have an overall strategy as to what the purpose of social media is for their business. However, very few of the care companies we work with actually utilise social media for a specific goal. As a small business, you need to develop a social media strategy to get the most from this platform.

Common Mistakes

1) Sticking to one platform: People naturally favour one platform and focus their energy on this. You have to get out of the mindset of which social media platform you prefer and think about which ones your customers or potential employees are likely to use.

2) Meaningless posts: A post without a specific goal or purpose.

3) Giveaways: Give away free content (blogs) without any call to action.

goal measure - steps to include in your social media strategySteps To Develop Your Social Media Strategy

1) Decide on a purpose. These could include:

    • Educate, to advertise jobs
    • Generate new care enquiries
    • Increase brand image

2) Create unique, compelling content that supports your purpose

3) Schedule and post a combination of short snips of insight, blogs, images, videos, related articles that all focus on your strategy

Smooth Top Tip: set up an account on Buffer which will allow you to plan and schedule posts across all the platforms you use.

Create Tangible Goals

If you are putting together a strategy for your care business, it must be accompanied with tangible goals otherwise how do you know if it has been a success? These goals can be as simple as increase followers by (so many) or achieve a certain amount of re-tweets.

Encourage Engagement
social media magnet - encourage engagement with your users

The key to social media is engagement is to evaluate your posts. If your followers aren’t engaging with the content you are creating or sharing, your users don’t find your posts meaningful. There are a few things you can do that will automatically encourage engagement. Incorporate using videos, live streaming and sharing helpful, useful blogs. Facebook, in particular, has a massive emphasis on meaningful content so be sure to avoid posting engagement bait.

Get Back In Front Of Your Customer

get back in front of the customer by using remarketing ads

Have you looked for a service and then saw an ad for this same or similar service later, on Facebook or Instagram?

This is called remarketing or retargeting. Do the same for your customers. You can create ads to be shown to users who visited a specific page and remind them why they should become your customer. This is where valuable posts come into play.

A great way to create value for the user is by providing a helpful blog or checklist. You can use a form on Social Media or direct the user to a dedicated landing page to collect their contact details. Once the user submits the form, they can download or receive an e-mail with the helpful information you have promised them.

Social Media is one of the components of your overall Digital Strategy. To learn more about our full, proven, system for growth, set up a call with us.