Partner Requirements

Smooth Digital requires that all its partners adhere to the below statements with at least the same vigor as Smooth Digital.


Smooth Digital and its partners provide all chat visitors with an option to decline to provide information at the start of conversation. If at any point the conversation ends and the visitor has chosen not to provide their information after all, the chat is concluded and information goes no further.

Breach Notification

In the case of a data breach, Smooth Digital will announce on it’s website and create a press release indicating the breadth of the impact.

Right to Access

Smooth Live Chat Users may obtain copies of all their data controlled by Smooth Digital. If this is requested, please email with the subject “Access to my data”. We would require you to forward the Lead ID of the specific users and confirmation of either the telephone or email address of the user.

Right to be Forgotten
If a user wishes to be removed from the Smooth Live Chat portal, Smooth Digital will purge all records of or relating to an individual at their request. In this situation, please email with the subject “Forget me”. Please include the phone number and/or email address or addresses you wish to be purged from our system, as well as the Lead ID of the user.

Data Portability

Smooth Digital does not maintain any personal data that could potentially need to be ported to another provider.

Privacy by Design

For Smooth Live Chat, we obfuscate all data presented to the operators of our systems to limit exposure. Additionally, we run multiple tiers of firewalls, and limit access to data based on rigorously defined permissions. For concerns about privacy, please email with the subject “Privacy”.