To go back to marketing basics, a USP (unique selling point) is ‘a factor that differentiates a product from its competitors’

In the care industry, we see so many care home & home care companies utilising the term ‘caring staff’ in their advertising. While this is probably true and your team is wonderful, we would hope that your team is caring since… you are in the care industry! 

When you are mapping out your marketing strategy, ensure you keep this in mind when you are setting your brand apart from the competition. As there are so many companies out there, you need to communicate your USPs clearly so that people who are looking for care can know how great you are and why they should choose you. 

For example: What Is Your USP?

  • Is your business family owned? 
  • Have you received consistent high CQC ratings?
  • Have you been in business for over 10 years?
  • Does your team have special qualifications that set them apart?

Now that you have your USPs established, make sure these are a major part of your entire care home marketing or home care marketing plan. 

When people searching for care, they should see these USPs mentioned in your ads. When they reach your website to learn more about your care business, they should also be reminded of these USPs. When they talk to your staff, they should be reminded of these USPs. When you send them an email, have a mention of your USPs in your email signature. 

Every touch point should scream why someone looking for care should choose your care home or home care business. 

As the UK’s Leading Care Sector Marketing Agency, we understand your ideal customer and how to help you beat the competition. 

… see what we did there?

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